Elden Ring Mod Turns It Into A Walking Simulator

If the savage majesty of the Lands Between is proving too much for you, there's a mod that will make Elden Ring a hundred percent less hostile.

Published: December 30, 2022 10:43 AM /


The player leaning against a knight in the peaceful Elden Ring mod

Have you ever wished the countless hostile creatures of the Lands Between would just leave you alone? Well, there's now an Elden Ring mod that will make them do just that. Peaceful Ring removes aggressive behavior from every single enemy in the game, including bosses (although you can still kill them).

It's almost redundant to say that Elden Ring is a difficult game. Almost everything in the Lands Between is out to kill you, and many of its creatures will likely succeed at least once. If you'd rather remove all that, you can download Peaceful Ring from Nexus Mods right now and enjoy a more leisurely stroll through the game's beautiful landscapes.

The player sitting on a branch alongside a crow enemy in Elden Ring
Remember this terrifying friend? He poses no threat to you now.

This mod, as you might imagine, makes the horrifying wildlands of Caelid or the intricate streets of Leyndell absolute cakewalks to get through. With nothing trying to kill you, Elden Ring's landscape is, believe it or not, surprisingly peaceful; you won't have to worry about Deathbirds swooping down and pecking your eyes out anymore.

Of course, if you want to get violent, you can still do that. It's still possible to attack and kill any enemy or boss you want to; in fact, it's impossible to make progress through the game without doing so. I'd imagine that if Starscourge Radahn gave you some trouble, murdering him without resistance would be pretty satisfying, although I'd still prefer a fair fight.

If you want to use this mod, you'll need to have Mod Engine 2 installed. Once it's there, just drag the regulation.bin file from Peaceful Ring into your ModEngine 2 mod folder and you'll be ready to go. The creatures of Elden Ring will no longer pose you any threat, although they can't say the same for you.

The Elden Ring modding scene is thriving right now. As well as this peaceful mod, creative modders are also working on ways for players to engage in jolly co-operation with one another more easily and other gameplay improvements. More out-there projects, like an Elden Ring Pokemon mashup that brings the creatures of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to the Lands Between, are also in the works. It's a great time to be a Tarnished with an interest in tinkering, it seems.

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