Capcom Erases Street Fighter 6 Beta From Players' Computers

Published: October 20, 2022 10:33 AM /


Street Fighter 6 beta screenshot showing Luke punching Jamie

A group of enterprising players have modded their Street Fighter 6 betas to continue playing after the end of the beta period. This has resulted in Capcom releasing an update to ensure that the method the modders used no longer works. How? In essence, Capcom's update removed the game's executable (.exe) file from the game's PC folder, so you can't run it anymore if you apply the update. Some players still remain, though, as they haven't downloaded the update.

The beta, which TechRaptor described as "community-driven fun", originally ran between October 7th and October 10th, The beta contained a rather amusing character creator that allowed players to make some truly horrendous creations, as well as a look at the core fighting engine of Street Fighter 6. Modders who wanted to continue playing Street Fighter 6 ended up creating a somewhat convoluted way to keep their betas working, ultimately attracting Capcom's ire.

Street Fighter 6 beta screenshot showing how players challenge each other.
Capcom's looking for a fight.

Capcom's update released about a day ago, and as of right now there is no way to get around it. Basically, if you're unlucky enough to let Capcom update your game, you will no longer have access to the beta. Users have found a way to get around the update, but we're not going to include the method for doing so here, as it's a slightly awkward area. Suffice it to say that Capcom's update hasn't reached every Street Fighter 6 player, so some are still able to play the game offline.

So, what's actually being done within the Street Fighter 6 beta to keep the fun going? Well, a VS CPU match mode has been cobbled together, which means that players can get a lot of practice in before the game launches sometime in 2023. We don't expect it'll be too long before Capcom cracks down on this too, but in the meantime, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information on Street Fighter 6 and other Capcom titles.


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