New Starfield StarUI Mod Available Now & Massively Improves Ship Builder Interface

A new Starfield mod of the popular StarUI series has been released and it radically improves the Ship Builder's interface.

Published: November 4, 2023 2:58 PM /


Starfield - StarUI Ship Builder

Today another mod of the popular StarUI series has been released for Starfield, and this one is all about the Ship Builder. 

The mod allows PC players to build and customize their ships in a much more effective way, with an interface that arguably works a lot better than the original.

It was created by Nexus Mods user m8r98a4f2 and can be downloaded from the popular mod portal.

A screenshot of the Starfield StarUI Ship builder

It's also fully customizable with the StarUI Configurator, which is another great mod that lets you handle the configuration of the whole StarUI series of mods.

The features you get are as follows. As you can see, there is a lot on the menu. 

  • Optimized for PC
  • Compact style - See more information at once
  • Adds data columns to the ship part list - Over 30 different data columns you can choose!
  • The standard config contains the most important columns for every category out-of-the-box
  • See the Damage Per Second and Damage Per Power point for all weapons
  • Sort any column with a simple click - Toggle asc/desc by another click
  • Adds a variant list popup, showing you all ship part's variants in a well-aligned list at once - No need to go through them one-by-one any more!
  • Improved vertical upgrade list, now see what you can improve without the need to scroll vertically
  • Improved ship part item card comparison - Downgrading your components are now shown as red numbers!
  • Clipboard function for the color picker - Copy and paste the color set (all 3 colors) at once
  • Optimized key binds and added keys to many interface parts - making the interface just feels much more intuitive
  • Added button hints to show you available functions (like ship part multi-select and weapon assignment hidden in flight check)
  • Increases the frame-rate to 60 fps - Optional variants in 30fps and 120fps are available too
  • Wide-screen support out-of-the-box
  • Various bug fixes of the vanilla interface code
  • Contain no plugins and no quests - Absolutely safe to install and uninstall at any time!
  • Doesn't affect the possibility to get Steam achievement
  • Works with Steam and Game Pass (XBox) version
  • Partial controller support - You can see all features, but can't control the filter panel or use the variant list popup
  • Completely customizable - Customize with StarUI Configurator or via the full-commented INI file

If you're not familiar with the StarUI series, it's a collection of mods by m8r98a4f2 that started with StarUI Inventory and then gradually expanded to the HUD, the Workbench, and the Outpost management.

As you may very well imagine, its goal is to massively improve the whole user interface on Starfield, especially optimizing and expanding the options for PC users. 

Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X|S, on top of Game Pass, but it's worth mentioning that mods only work on the PC version until Bethesda adds official mod support early next year

Incidentally, speaking of the PC version, a patch introducing DLSS and more will be released as a beta version next week on Steam.

If you prefer to play on console without mods (at least for now), you can grab a copy of Starfield for Xbox Series X|S on Amazon.

The game had passed 11 million players as of two weeks ago and it also was at the top Circana's (formerly NPD's) sales charts related to the the month of September.

If you want to read the reasons behind this popularity, you can read our review, which awarded Starfield with an 8 out of 10. 

Note: TechRaptor participates in an Affiliate Partnership with Amazon.

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