Starfield StarUI Inventory Mod Massively Improves Crude Default Interface

Published: September 5, 2023 5:35 AM /


The Starfield StarUI Inventory Mod in Action Showing the Helmet category

Starfield has an inventory problem. Like all Bethesda RPGs, the UI to sort and equip your items is rather dreadful. Luckily, a modder worked out a solution. 

It may be due to the fact hat they have to balance the needs of mouse and controller users, but it seems that Bethesda's user interfaces always falls short of what PC players would expect. They're clunky, unsophisticated, and normally don't display all the data you need.

Modder m8r98a4f2, well known for Fallout 4's FallUI just released StarUI Inventory (currently available on NexusMods), which is extremely helpful in catering to the needs of those who want a better and more convenient interface to deal with their growing inventories.

The display of the StarUI Inventory Mod
The StarUI mod massively improves inventory management on PC

StarUI Inventory comes with a full-fledged set of inventory improvements, including a compact overview of your items, the configurable display of properties like mass, value, value/mass, mass of stack, damage, damage resistance and ammo, and the ability to sort your inventory by all of them.

You can transfer whole categories to container and ships or even sell them, you can customize the font and the mouse wheel scroll, and it even lets you use TAB to go back directly to the game instead of the character menu. 

There are already translations in several languages available, which is usually the hallmark of a must-have mod. 

How Do You Install StarUI Inventory

You can use the Nexus Mods mod manager or follow the following procedure. You may have already done steps 3 and 4 if you have other mods installed.

  1. Download the 7z file from the NexusMods website.
  2. Extract the Data folder in the Documents\My Games\Starfield folder, which should already have a Data Folder.
  3. Download the StarfieldCustom.ini file also available on Nexus Mods.
  4. Extract it in the Documents\My Games\Starfield folder to enable mods.

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Starfield will officially launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam and Windows Store), and Game Pass on September 6.


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