Warden of the Coast Mod Adds Bioware-Type Story To Skyrim

Published: December 5, 2022 10:44 AM /


Warden of the Coast header shows off the logo of the mod.

Warden of the Coast is yet another Skyrim mod, but this one in particular does a bit more to stand out from the pack. For one, it's long, running at an estimated 10-15 hours. It's also fully voiced, with over 9 thousand lines delivered by 27 different voice actors. The game-sized DLC is "heavily inspired by the game mechanics of Mass Effect and Dragon Age", which is definitely a plus. 

As for the rest of the features, there are 9 "BioWare-style companions" in total, with each of them having their own loyalty questline. There's also a three-companion exploration system, 5 primary endings, two new world spaces, 19 new interiors, and functionality to level up companions and revive them during combat. That last one in particular sounds useful, because no one wants to lose a mission or a fight due to shoddy AI walking into a fireball or something else that's annoyingly stupid.

Screenshot of Warden of the Coast showing the Warden character.
The Dude always abides.

Interestingly, you don't need anything to run this mod other than the base game, which is good news for anyone who just wants to hop in and start playing. In order to start the quest, all you need to do (aside from installing the mod, obviously) is to go to any vanilla city and accept the quest. The mod is balanced from levels 5-50, and it's recommended to adjust the difficulty if you are outside this margin. 

If this mod sounds awesome to you and you want more, TechRaptor has some recommended mods that you might want to try out, including one that allows you to pet the dog. You can also play with the stock market, which might not be the reason you originally installed Skyrim, but it might become a compelling reason if you let it.

Want to see what Warden of the Coast is all about? Check out the Skyrim mod's launch trailer below:

For more information on cool Skyrim mods and other mods in general, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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