Play with Stocks and Pet the Dog in These Skyrim Mods

Published: April 2, 2021 10:20 AM /


A dog being pet in Skyrim thanks to the power of mods.

April Fools' Day may be over, but there are still some particularly silly mods being released. Three new mods for Skyrim will give players (of both the normal and special versions) the ability to trade stocks, pet dogs, and deal with having a dumb kid as a sidekick.

First up, the Dovahkiin may be an expert warrior/mage/thief or combination thereof, but can they triumph in the battlefield of capitalism? The Stock Market of Skyrim mod (normal, special edition) adds a working stock market to the frosty realm of the Nords. Not only can the player buy and sell like a Meme Man, but their actions will also influence stock prices. Helping out the East Empire Company with quests will improve their prices, but killing Vittoria Vici will cause their prices to drop. This mod is part of a larger mod universe for an expansion-sized mod, so check out the mod's page if you're curious about author Anbeegod's other modding work.


However, even with stock market mods and patches, this 10-year-old game is missing an extremely important feature that, unbeknownst to most players, makes the game unplayable. Which is why we should thank Talos for modders like JaySerpa, who made a mod (normal, special edition) that fixes this glaring oversight. "Dragonborn, take off your iron gauntlets, for today is not the time to be dauntless," JaySerpa says. "Forget about the greybeards and the voice, your duty is now only to rejoice. Yes, you heard it right: Tell Alduin, to put the apocalypse on hold, for I am proud to announce: "Yes, you can pet the dog!""

As for the last mod, it turns out the Dovahkiin made some decisions in the past that they may regret, and now (normal, special edition) they have to babysit their dopey and annoying son. After the completion of a short quest, the player will be stuck with Rufus, their doughy, dim-witted son who's prone to getting the two of you into all sorts of trouble. He'll misplace things you give him, he's prone to picking fights with enemies while armed with only a wooden sword, and he's blessed (or cursed) with being immune to all damage. Despite all this, he's still your son and you still love him. Allegedly.

All of these mods can be found on their respective pages on Nexus Mods.



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