New Skyrim Mod Gives More Personality To NPCs

Tired of the same old lackadaisical lines from those NPCs in Skyrim? Look no further than the Civil War Lines Expansion mod

Published: October 25, 2022 11:37 AM /


Screenshot of Skyrim player swinging their mace at a tree like enemy in an open golden field.

A new Skyrim mod allows for a more interactive and fun playthrough, as it injects the NPCs with a bit more much-needed personality. The Civil War Lines Expansion mod gives both Imperials and Stormcloaks new voice lines dependent on the situation at hand. 

There have been quite a few amazing mods created for Skyrim over the last few years, and this latest addition is no exception. With this mod, Imperials and Stormcloaks will now have a more reactive personality. This means that not only have new voice lines been added for them to utilize, but those lines will change dependent on the current sequence of events.

This includes things like enemies being present, friends being nearby, and what their environment looks like at the time. These voicelines are not just going to happen at random times or consistently for everyone, either. Each line is tied to a very specific scenario that is relevant to each line added. 

The mod sports around 500 new voicelines in total, and these are not shared amongst other voicetypes, leaving variation intact. The members of each faction will now just have a bit more to say, compared to the original playthroughs. People cannot seem to get enough of Skyrim, and it seems they'll do anything to keep the content fresh.

Screenshot of the New skyrim mod, civil war lines expansion, showing off four different in game characters side by side

This mod runs in tandem with another mod created by the same individual known as the Bandit Lines Expansion. The creator says people can consider this new mod to be a sequel of sorts. It's worth mentioning that this mod will not remove the original voicelines either; it's just intended to add to the NPCs' existing lines to make them feel more alive. Each voicetype has around 100 lines added to them, which should add more depth to a game that seems to just never die out. 

The creator of the mod also says that these voice lines weren't just carelessly spliced with the other lines, so they should come across naturally and feel authentic. This mod is also compatible with any version of the game, and will run alongside other mods, which is a pretty nifty trait to have. That means no patches or additional mods are needed to keep this one up and running. Hopefully, these changes should keep the game exciting and make it more enjoyable for those who enjoy lore and roleplay in games.

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