Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mod Brings MrBeast To The Game

Published: December 29, 2022 3:13 PM /


Screenshot of the new MrBeast Mod, Super Smash Bros Ultimate mod

It's showtime! Thanks to a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate mod you can play as iconic and legendary YouTuber MrBeast.

The latest mod created by  LN_310 on GameBanana allows you to embody the iconic entrepreneur and YouTube legend, MrBeast, in all of his chocolate factory, hamburger selling glory. With over 124 million subscribers and a slew of competitions where fans can win some serious cash, its no wonder someone chose to add him in as a playable fighter. Not only do you get to see MrBeast throw burgers and dash around the map, but you also get to hear him exclaim some of his well known catch phrases and signature jokes. 

Screenshot of MrBeast fighting MrBeast in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mod

The mod is skin for the existing fighter in game, Solid Snake, but it is edited and modded in the best of ways to add the detail needed to make it look just like MrBeast. With accessories on the fighter such as a hoodie with his MrBeast Burger logo, pants with his personal logo, and even a safari hat. On top of that we have his fighting moves, which include smashing the competition with a MrBeast Burger being thrown at their heads, rather than Snakes grenades.

This is not the first time we have seen an iconic character brought to the smash screen, though we have not seen one of this caliber in quite some time. In 2019, Shaggy was added in to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Of course, the game comes equipped with so many characters from not only our childhood, but from recent and well-known titles its almost impossible to pick a fighter to main in the first place. Having mods and playable fighters added is a lot of fun, and being someone like MrBeast, its easy to see why people would flock to throw burgers at their fellow players.  

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