The logo for Monster Harvest

Grow Your Own Monsters in Monster Harvest


Newly-announced at the Future Games Show, Monster Harvest is a game that looks a lot like classics such as Harvest Moon and Pokemon.

Deathground preview

Deathground First Gameplay Shown for PC


Remember when Jurassic Park was big? You can live that in Deathground. You and your friends can explore and try to survive against deadly AI dinosaurs.

Love A Puzzle Box Steam

Find Companionship in Love, A Puzzle Box Filled With Stories


The Future Games Show had it's share of smaller scale titles, with one particularly standing out being a game titles Love: A Puzzle Box Filled with Stories

Smalland reveal cover

Smalland Gives Grounded Some Competition in 2021


Grounded is about to get some competition — Smalland will be putting players in a giant forest full of dangers on PC and consoles later in 2021.

A scene from the Song of Horror console trailer

Song of Horror Arriving on Consoles Soon


At the Future Games Show, the survival-horror game Song of Horror announced plans to release the game on consoles.

Tenderfoot Tactics Preview

Battle Fog in Tactical RPG Tenderfoot Tactics


Starting October 21, Tenderfoot Tactics will be available to play on Steam. Players will explore a vast archipelago overrun with mysterious fog.

Die by the Blade reveal cover

Die by the Blade Revives One-Hit Samurai Fighting Games


The Future Games Show opened with some kickin' Japanese music and a man standing in front of a torii gate holding a bloodied katana.

Drake Hollow launched cover

Build a Deadly Garden in Drake Hollow, Now Live on Xbox One


Drake Hollow has suddenly and surprisingly launched on Xbox One, letting you and your friends band together to protect adorable vegetable folk from deadly feral beasts.

Bullets Per Minute Preview

Bullets Per Minute Comes to PCs Next Month


Shoot to the beat, reload to the beat, jump to the beat, and dodge to the beat. The beat is all-encompassing in Bullets Per Minute.

HAAK preview

HAAK And Slash Through the Apocalypse This September


Post-apocalyptic Igavania-styled title HAAK announced a September 16 release date today.