Gamescom 2015 - Viewing Guide

Published: August 4, 2015 10:26 AM /


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Once again we're hitting the high points in the news cycle for video game news as Gamescom 2015 is starting very shortly and carrying on for the rest of the week. Gamescom is taking place in the German city of Cologne so this is one of the events that Americans will have to set their alarms for so that they can keep up with all of the big news as it comes in.

Gamescom is mostly a chance for companies to show off what they're working on on the ground floor but like with most of these events various companies are holding conferences and showing off some new stuff to the world. The companies that will be presenting this Gamescom are Microsoft, EA, Call of Duty and Blizzard starting from today until tomorrow. Underneath will find information on when each of the conferences are and if you don't want to do the time conversion then there is also a helpful countdown timer linked for each of them.

4th of August

Xbox's Gamescom Conference

Times: Where to watch: Xbox devices Xbox website Youtube

What we know: This is Xbox's part two conference after their press conference at E3 where they were intentionally holding games back so that they would be able to talk about them more at Gamescom. These games are the new Crackdown game, the new IP Scalebound and the time bending Quantum Break. There was also some teasing going on earlier this week that more information might be given about the upcoming Xbox One dashboard update and when it will be launching to preview members and to the public.

5th of August

EA's Gamescom Conference

Times: Where to watch: Official EA Twitch

What we know:

Honestly we're not really sure what is going to be shown at the EA conference, apart from a new mode for Battlefront. On top of that we will probably get to learn more about Mirror's Edge 2, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and hopefully some more about the new Mass Effect.

Call of Duty's Conference


Blizzard's Conference Media Briefing

Times: Where to watch: Unfortunately this won't be streamed but we will be having a recap for the World of Warcraft Expansion Reveal

6th of August

World of Warcraft Expansion Reveal

Times: Where to watch:

Which of these events are you most looking forward to? What big news do you think will be announced? Or even better what do you want to be announced?


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