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Published: August 19, 2019 3:32 PM /


kerbal space program 2

Private Division and Star Theory Games announced the sequel to Kerbal Space Program at the Gamescom Opening Night Live show. Kerbal Space Program 2 will have new features for fans of the original game to unravel. Players can establish colonies, traverse the stars using new technology, and build even larger constructions than before. Star Theory wants to keep it accessible to new players while still giving veterans a challenge.

Kerbal Space Program officially released in April 2015 under Squad when they hit version 1.0. Since then, with continuous updates, it reached version 1.7.3 last month.

"KSP has always been about pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, and with Kerbal Space Program 2 we take that premise even further,” said Nate Simpson, Creative Director at Star Theory. “We are introducing several new ways for players to challenge themselves, including new physics puzzles to solve, new planetary destinations to conquer, and new ways to advance their own deep-space program. This continues to be a game about exploration, imagination, and understanding rocket physics – with plenty of wild crashes along the way."
The publisher, Private Division, plans to continue building on the foundation Squad made for the first game and continue improving it further.
"With Star Theory, we are able to build a new gameplay foundation that is exponentially larger and allows us to explore well beyond the solar system of the original game. This is an exciting time as we are expanding the Kerbal franchise while staying true to the spirit of KSP and what makes the franchise so special,” said Michael Cook, Executive Producer at Private Division. “Kerbal Space Program 2 sparks a passion for a whole new generation of space explorers, future astronauts, and astronomers – which is the reason why we love what we are making here."
Kerbal Space Program 2 will be available on PC in Spring 2020 for $59.99 on Steam. It will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 shortly after PC according to a press release.

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