Gears 5 Horde Mode Revamps with Ultimates, Cross Platform and Halo: Reach

Published: August 19, 2019 1:48 PM /


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Horde mode returns, with Gears 5 horde mode, getting a brand new trailer showing off some of the new tricks and features in the classic Gears of War mode.

The biggest change is ultimate abilities, special abilities that give all of the characters. Some moves shown off included Kait, who can cloak herself to sneak up and kill enemies, and Jackbot, a flying drone robot who has a lot of power and mobility across the whole battlefield. Jackbot also has one of the best ultimates in the game, called Hijack, where he can literally possess almost any enemy on the battlefield to fight against enemies with their own tactics.


Gears 5 will start with five characters, each with their own unique abilities, and Ryan Cleven, the multiplayer design director of Gears 5, makes promises to release more characters and horde more maps in the future.

Other new features include power taps, energy geysers that pop up across the map to give the player more power. Every ten waves after a boss is killed, a new tap gives players much needed energy that works as the currency of horde mode. This allows teams to expand or move their base for extra power, though it becomes a risk-reward move that teams will need to decide quickly in the battlefield. One new little change is that all energy is shared amongst the players, allowing for a more fluid progression system that gives players


The perk system returns, using out of game and in-game progression with in-game collectible cards. Players will be able to start a match with their all equipped cards, and will see a full progression of their cards in a given match. The cards will reset after every match, allowing the progression to restart fresh with the ability cards players have.

For the first time the Gears of War franchise will also be coming to Steam. Gears of War 5  is on Steam, and will be able to preorder on it, along with cross-play with other versions of the game. That said, this version will require use of an Xbox Live account. You can find out more on the Steam page for Gears 5.

All of these changes are designed to entice new players in playing Gears 5, along with making vast improvements for veterans of the series.  The biggest additions however for pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition would not only be availability (it's available 4 days early), but the addition of two characters from Halo: Reach, Emile and Kat.



gears of war 5 halo reach crossover horde
Halo Reach invades Gears 5.

Both Emile and Kat will come equipped with their own ultimates, such as Amels drop shield ability, and Kat's Hologram suit. Both are also voiced by the original voice actors, and have custom weapon skins and banners to collect as well.


Horde mode will be just one part of the Gears 5 experience, which is scheduled to come out on September 10th, 2019 (and will be available 4 days early for Ultimate Edition owners, starting September 6)

What are your thoughts on Gears 5? Looking forward to Gears 5 horde mode? Leave your comments below. 

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