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Slaughter even MORE demons in Doom: Eternal's The Ancient Gods Expansion

August 27, 2020 2:29 PM

By: George Glynn


During today's Gamescom Opening Night Live Event, we got our first look at Part 1 of Doom Eternal's upcoming expansion The Ancient Gods.

Picking up straight after the events of the game's main campaign, The Ancient Gods: Part 1 sees Doom Slayer exploring locations never before explored in the Doom universe, to relinquish Urdak from demonic rule. Terrifyingly, the end of the trailer sees Doom Slayer taking on not one - but two Marauders at once.





Marauders infamously divided the Doom fanbase in the original game, being obtusely difficult to fight, to the point where some players even called it "unfun game design."

We got a glimpse at some new enemies and returning weapons, but all in all, it looks like more Doom. Slaughtering bigger and badder demons can never be a bad thing if you ask me.



Demon-Hating, Consumer Friendly

The first entry of Doom Eternal's two-part expansion will be available for $19.99 as a standalone title, and will not require players to own Doom: Eternal to play. Alternatively, players can pick up the Doom Eternal Year One Pass for $29.99, which grants access to both parts of the expansion upon their release. Owners of the digital deluxe edition will be given access to the expansion at no additional cost.

Players who don't already own Doom Eternal, but choose to pick up The Ancient Gods as a standalone title will also be able to play Doom: Eternal's Battlemode. 



Doom Eternal and it's DLC will also be available as a free upgrade to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 when it eventually launches on next-gen consoles. id Software also notes that they are working hard to ensure that it will support backwards compatibility when the new consoles launch.

The Ancient Gods: Part One releases on October 20th for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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