Doom Eternal Horde Mode Release Date Revealed

You'll soon be able to slay scores of demons as the Doom Slayer once more, as the Doom Eternal Horde Mode release date has been revealed

Published: October 21, 2021 11:04 AM /


The Doom Slayer battling a horde of demons in the Doom Eternal Horde Mode

Fans of indiscriminate demon-slaying, your time has come. We finally have a Doom Eternal Horde Mode release date. The new gameplay mode will arrive alongside the appropriately-named Update 6.66, which also brings an overhaul to the Battlemode system and new Master Levels.

When is the Doom Eternal Horde Mode release date?

You'll be able to get stuck into id Software's arcade-style demon-slaying gameplay mode pretty soon. The Doom Eternal Horde Mode release date is October 26th, which is a mere five days away. Originally, id Software had intended to include an Invasion Mode in Doom Eternal, which would have seen players joining others' single-player campaigns as demons. However, this feature was subsequently dropped in favor of Horde Mode, which will, as you might expect, pit the Doom Slayer against increasingly numerous waves of enemies.

The Doom Slayer battling through hordes of enemies in Doom Eternal
The new Doom Eternal Horde Mode will pit you against relentless waves of hellspawn.

Although not much has been officially revealed regarding the new Doom Eternal Horde Mode, it's not too difficult to figure out how it'll operate. You'll need to take down increasingly ridiculous hordes of bad guys, and you'll get the usual ludicrous Doom-style powerups to help you do it. Screenshots suggest id Software is placing an emphasis on score attacks for the Horde Mode, and you'll get bonuses to your score that give you more points for every demon you fell in combat. Doom's fast-paced, frenetic combat seems like it'll lend itself extremely well to a Horde Mode, so between that and the graphical upgrades that landed earlier this year, we're excited to check this one out.

What else is coming alongside the Doom Eternal Horde Mode?

Rather amusingly, Horde Mode is coming as part of Doom Eternal's upcoming Update 6.66 (see what they did there?). The devs are promising a brand new arena and new streak-based rewards for what they're calling "Battlemode 2.0", so if you're a fan of the 2v1 multiplayer experience, you should find plenty to love there. You'll also be able to take on two brand new Master Levels, which should give you something to sink your teeth into even if you think you've seen everything Doom Eternal has to offer. Let's just hope Bethesda isn't going to lock any of this content behind microtransactions.

A master level in Doom Eternal
The new Doom Eternal update is also bringing a brand new Master Level with it.

The new Doom Eternal Horde Mode and Update 6.66 launch on October 26th. If you can't wait that long for new info, you'll be able to tune into a livestream later today on either Twitch or YouTube. The stream will take place at 7:30PM Eastern and will showcase some of the new features in Doom Eternal's Horde Mode and Update 6.66, so make sure you check it out if you're hungry for more.

Are you excited to check out the new Doom Eternal Horde Mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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