Doom Eternal Gets Microtransactions Even Though Devs Said It Wouldn't

Published: April 30, 2021 8:43 AM /


The Doomicorn cosmetic pack in Doom Eternal

Two new cosmetic skin packs for Doom Eternal have just been released, despite id Software's assurances that the game would never have paid cosmetic DLC. The Doomicorn Pack and the Series One Cosmetic Pack are available via Steam right now, but there's a problem.

What's in the new Doom Eternal cosmetic DLC packs?

The Doomicorn Pack contains a unicorn-themed skin for the Doom Slayer, as well as several variants and new animations. It was originally Twitch-exclusive, but it's been added to Steam as a paid content pack. If you want something more in keeping with the original Doom Eternal aesthetic, you can pick up the Series One Cosmetic Pack, which features new skins for the Doom Slayer, the Marauder, and the Mancubus, plus more. Both packs also come with icons and nameplates you can use. At least, that's the way it should be, but at time of writing, it looks like something's gone wrong over at the Fortress of Doom. 

The Series One cosmetic pack in Doom Eternal
The Doom Eternal Series One cosmetic pack contains new skins, icons, and more. It's the paid DLC id Software said would never come.

Right now, the Steam page for the Doomicorn Pack appears to give players the content from the Series One Pack, and vice versa. Current reviews for the Doomicorn Pack are Mostly Negative, with users saying the content is "mixed up". At time of writing, there are only three reviews for the Series One Pack, which isn't enough for Steam to give an aggregate rating. However, they're all negative, with users saying they received the Doomicorn set when purchasing the Series One Pack.

This isn't a particularly good look for id Software or Bethesda. First, there's the fact the developer stated Doom Eternal would have no cosmetic microtransactions, but that's exactly what these two new packs are. Second, the two packs don't even contain the content they're supposed to contain. It's likely this is a simple error that will be rectified as soon as Bethesda notices, but given that this decision is likely to meet with some hostility, this isn't a great way to start. After disappointment regarding the quality of the official soundtrack last year, id and Bethesda will have to work to restore fans' faith in Doom Eternal. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it.

Will you be buying either of the Doom Eternal cosmetic DLC packs (when they're fixed, of course)? Let us know in the comments below!

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