Ultimate Doom Eternal Collectible Guide

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Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide

Doom Eternal may be all about crushing the demons of hell beneath your feet, but the Doom Slayer likes to explore his world, too. Hidden in every stage are tons of collectibles, ranging from secrets to toys to hidden powerups. We've got everything you need here to find them all.

What Collectibles are in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal has 11 types of collectibles: Modbots, Sentinel Crystals, Praetor Suit Points, Mastery Tokens, Codex Pages, Sentinel Batteries, Runes, Empyrean Keys, Toys, Albums, and Cheat Codes. Some of them are essential to making your Doom Slayer the most powerful he can be, while others are simply for fun. Each level contains anywhere from 13 to 25 collectibles to find, so you're likely to stumble upon some of them during your journey. To find all of them, however, requires a keen eye and patience—or our handy guide.


Doom Eternal Modbots

12 Modbots can be found in Doom Eternal, all of which carry weapon mods, and they're key to unlocking the true potential of all your weapons. Six of your eight weapons will have two mods each. Two Modbots are in your Fortress of Doom, and they can be unlocked by using four Sentinel Batteries. The other 10 are scattered throughout each level. Most are easy to find, especially early on, but in the later levels, they can be a bit hidden.

Sentinel Crystals

In total, there are 12 Sentinel Crystals in Doom Eternal. The first one is given to you courtesy of the story, while nine others lay in wait across the 13 levels in the story. Two more can be found in your Fortress of Doom, but these are also locked behind Sentinel Batteries. Four of those will unlock the doors to the two Sentinel Crystals. We recommend getting those first, since they improve the core parts of your Doom Slayer: health, armor, and ammo capacity.

Praetor Suit Points

38 Praetor Suit Points can be found in Doom Eternal's 13 levels. Five more lie in wait in the Fortress of Doom. You'll find ghostly visions of armored soldiers holding out big tokens. The Doom Slayer absorbs these tokens, using them to power his suit.

Mastery Tokens

Seven Mastery Tokens can be found in the latter half of Doom Eternal. These tokens let you bypass the mastery challenge for each weapon mod, letting you unlock its full potential early. For example, after buying all the upgrades for the Sticky Bomb mod on the Combat Shotgun, you'll have to destroy 25 Arachnotron turrets with a sticky bomb. Doing that earns you the ability to launch five sticky bombs instead of three. Alternatively, using a Mastery Token gets you that upgrade immediately. There are seven total Mastery Tokens to find.

Codex Pages

54 Codex Pages can be found in Doom Eternal, and they are likely the easiest collectible to find because they're so abundant. They don't necessarily make the Doom Slayer stronger, but they provide background to the world and history of Doom Eternal.

Sentinel Batteries

18 Sentinel Batteries can be found in Doom Eternal, although you can earn 27 more by completing level-specific challenges. As you might have noticed by now, are useful for unlocking all sorts of treasures in your Fortress of Doom. Locked doors stand between you and other collectibles—like Modbots, Praetor Suit Points, and Sentinel Crystals. You can also find new Doom Slayer skins, including the classic old-school Doom skin.


Runes provide you with extraordinary powers, and their effects are similar to that of Doom 2016. You can Glory Kill faster or survive a mortal hit, as just a few examples. Nine Runes await you in these levels, with most being fairly easy to spot.

Empyrean Keys

Empyrean Keys can be a bit tricky to earn. First off, you need to find a Slayer Key, which in turn unlocks a Slayer Gate. These gates lead to incredibly tough encounters that will test your mettle. If you come out victorious, however, you'll earn an Empyrean Key. Collecting all six of these will let you unlock the Unmaykr in your Fortress of Doom. This superweapon rivals the BFG in its destructive capabilities, but you pay for it by using up BFG ammo. 


Doom Eternal Toy Shelf

30 Toys can be found in Doom Eternal. These totally-not-Funko-Pops are a carryover from Doom 2016, and they fill up one of your shelves in the Fortress of Doom quite nicely. They'll usually show up as bright question marks in the middle of a stage. These won't unlock anything special except for a strong sense of accomplishment.


Turns out, the Doom Slayer appreciates a good vinyl record. In total, 16 Albums can be found in Doom Eternal, each containing a standout track from previous id games. When you collect one, a poster will appear in your Fortress of Doom. Interact with the poster to have that song play on loop as your explore the area.

Cheat Codes

There are 13 Cheat Codes to find and enjoy, but be warned: you can't complete Slayer Gates with cheats on. Old-school Doom fans might appreciate seeing floppy discs in Doom Eternal, while some younger fans might wonder why the Slayer likes collecting save icons. These discs contain world-bending Cheat Codes that you can activate during Mission Select. Feel free to revisit previous levels with infinite ammo or twice the running speed for some fun.

Doom Eternal Collectibles Guide Per Level

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