Doom Eternal Update Adds Accessibility Options in Update 6.66 Rev 2

Published: April 26, 2022 2:46 PM /


Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2 Accessibility Options cover

New Doom Eternal accessibility options have been added in Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2, giving gamers more ways to enjoy slaying demons.

Doom Eternal has proved to be a frighteningly popular first-person shooter, bringing in more than $450 million in revenue in the first nine months after launch. Since then, the devs have added upgraded graphics and Horde Mode, a replacement for Invasion Mode. Now, another new update has arrived that delivers new accessibility options (and a few other changes, too).

Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2 Accessibility Options menu

What Are the New Accessibility Options in Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2?

A major focus of this new Doom Eternal update is the addition of several new accessibility features, most of which center on converting text to speech (or vice versa).

Here are the new Doom Eternal accessibility options added in Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2:

  • Text-to-Speech (Chat) - This option converts text entered in the BATTLEMODE 2.0 chat window into a synthesized voice, based on the user-selected speech profile
    • There are multiple speech profiles to choose from. You can cycle through the speech profile selections to audition them before selecting one
    • The outgoing text message will appear yellow in the chat window when it has been converted to speech
    • Text-to-Speech conversions are sent in the same language they are created with
    • Converted text chat messages are audible to all players in BATTLEMODE 2.0 lobbies and only audible to Demon teammates during matches
  • Speech-to-Text (Chat) - This option enables onscreen transcription from incoming voice chat in the BATTLEMODE 2.0 chat window
    • Incoming Speech-to-Text messages appear yellow in the BATTLEMODE 2.0 lobby chat window and are only visible to Demon teammates during matches
    • Unless Chat Translation is enabled, Speech-to-Text chat messages are delivered in the original language
  • Incoming Text to Speech - Enables a simulated voice to read aloud text chat messages incoming from the other players
  • Outgoing Text to Speech - Enables a simulated voice to read aloud the player's outgoing text chat to the other players
  • Chat Translation - When enabled, incoming text chat messages are translated into the same language the receiving player’s system is set to. This functionality applies to standard and Speech-to-Text incoming text chat messages
  • Contrast Filter - This option reduces the speed at which screen brightness can change within the game. It can be fine-tuned with the following sliders when enabled:
    • Per-pixel Brightness Velocity: Limits how rapidly the brightness of each pixel can change, such as during explosions or intense combat sequences
    • Fullscreen Brightness Velocity: Limits how quickly the average brightness can change for the whole screen when it changes rapidly
  • UI Text Contrast Updates - Some Menu UI elements have been altered to improve readability

These new Doom Eternal accessibility options aren't the only new goodies that have been added to the game, mind; new balance changes, bugfixes, and a handful of quality-of-life improvements have also arrived in this patch. Nintendo Switch players take note: this update will be coming to the Nintendo Switch version of the game at a later date.

You can read about all of the changes in the full Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2 patch notes. If you haven't yet gotten into this great first-person shooter, you can buy Doom Eternal for PC and consoles starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website.

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