Timberborn's logo

A release date for Mechanistry's beaver colony sim Timberborn has finally been revealed: you'll be able to play this game on PC, Mac, and Linux in Early Access in a little over two weeks. Timberborn

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel release date cover

It's time to duel once again — Konami has announced during Gamescom 2021 that Yu-Gi-Oh: Rush Duel will be making its way to the West and getting an English-language release on the Nintendo Switch.

The banner for Gamescom and the MMORPG the Indie Arana Booth is running.

Gamescom, an annual video game showcase based in Germany, is bringing back their Indie Arena Booth to give players across the globe the opportunity to try out some games. This year, the Booth will be

blazing sails

Being a pirate is dangerous business, and in the upcoming Blazing Sails, you'll have to be cutthroat and battle against other crews as you plunder your way to victory. Now, players won't have to wait

sacred fire

The Romans are one of the most fascinating and important civilizations in history. Many historical games like to let players take control of Romans, but it's easy to forget they also did a fair bit

A screen from the Second Extinction Early Access trailer.

The intense 3-player dinosaur-hunting first-person-shooter Second Extinction is nearing an Early Access release. Players will be able to reclaim Earth from mutated dinosaurs when Second Extinction 

Sam and Max This Time It's Virtual

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual had it's world premiere yesterday, but some new tidbits have already been revealed by developer HappyGiant. The plot of the latest incarnation, supposedly the

Yes You Can Pet the Dog VR

Not sick of the 'Can you Pet the Dog' memes circulating online every time a video game screenshot of a canine companion is revealed? I hope not, because now you have a brand new video game totally

Concept art from Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty, a game by Render Cube about living life in the Middle Ages, revealed its release date at the Future Games Show today. Players will be able to survive the hardships of medieval life