Tunic East Forest Collectible Guide

Last Update: March 16, 2022


Tunic East Forest Collectible Guide

Tunic, the adventure game about a little fox wearing a tunic is now out and with it, you can dive directly into action. Across the game's sprawling world, you'll encounter all kinds of collectibles. In this Tunic East Forest Collectible Guide, we'll cover the locations of all of the collectibles we've found so far in the East Forest area of the game.

What can I do with each Tunic Collectible?

There are a number of different collectibles to be found in Tunic. Each has a different purpose, such as improving your fox stats or helping you learn about the game. Our Guide hub has a section about what each Tunic Collectible does in detail. We cover both Tunic Fairy Solutions and Locations and Tunic Secret Treasure Solutions and Locations too! We've also got a Tunic Instruction Manual Pages Location guide!

Below, you'll find the locations for Instruction Manual Pages, Magic Potions, Upgrade Items, Ability Cards, and Gold Coins!

Tunic East Forest Collectibles | Locations Map

Unfortunately you never receive a map for this area so the collectibles and their locations will be listed, but you might have to do a bit more searching...

East Forest - Instruction Manual Pages

  • Page 12 - (East Forest) You obtain this page in the first room of the East Belltower dungeon
  • Page 13/14 - (East Forest) Directly to the South-East of the East Forest Fox Shrine you'll find this page.

East Forest - Magic Potions Locations


  • After leaving the East Belltower through the South-East exit trave North-East and head through the North Door to Guardtower 1. From there climb the ladder and leave through the South-West door, follow this path to a chest with a Health Potion
  • Obtained after defeating the first boss in the Guardhouse 1, the Guard Captain.


  • From the first Fox Shrine in the East Forest climb the ladder. Use the sword monsters to cut the trees if you can't yet, and unlock the door in front of you. Once in the upper area of Guardhouse 1 open the chest to find this piece.

East Forest - Pink Powder Locations

  • After obtaining your sword, defeating the Guard Captain, and ringing the tuning fork in the East Belltower head back down to the South-West entrance, where you initially entered the East Belltower. To the north is a group of trees, cut them down, and head through the doorway. The next room has a chest with a small package of Pink Crystals.

East Forest - Gold Coin Locations

  • From the Fox Shrine head into the building and down the ladder to reach the lower Forest. Head South-West from the Lower Forest entrance and kill the spiders. You'll see two chests here, the one on the lower level contains the Gold Coin. 

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