Tunic Garden Knight Boss Fight Guide

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Tunic Garden Knight Boss Fight Guide

Tunic is fantastic for the way it hides puzzles directly in front of the player, but sometimes it can be difficult to see what might be around you because you're too busy dodging out of the way of a giant boss trying to take you down. The Boss of the West Garden is the Garden Knight. A large robot that will take you out from afar just as quickly as he'll rush in to take you down. In this Tunic Garden Knight Boss Fight Guide we'll go over the best strategies to take him down, as well as what attacks to look out for.

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You'll face the Garden Night as the boss of The West Garden. As you approach the large broken structure it will leap to life. The Garden Knight has three different attack patterns, two of them are melee and one ranged.

  • Close Swings - The Garden Knight will get close to you and will release three powerful wide swings. Take your time here to dodge into his strike using your invincibility frames to the best of your advantage. While he's winding up his next attack you can get one or two hits in.
  • Spin Attack - The Garden Knight will rear up a big attack and do a full 360 spin, then an uppercut, before bringing his sword back down again. Here you can either hang back and use the time to chug a Magic Potion or continue to dodge into the attack, this is a bit harder as the sword will come around again.
  • Lazer Beam - Readying his sword in front of him the Garden Knight will fire off three blasts. Time your roll to dodge the first and he won't be able to move to hit you with the other two. This is the perfect time to get some hits in.

If you need a breather during this fight make sure you use your Magic Dagger that you could have picked up to the South of the boss encounter to freeze him in place. Now you can drink a Magic Potion without fear of getting hit.

NOTE: As recommended on Page 19 of the Instruction Manual Collectible it's recommended your Health and Defense are at Level 3 before attempting this fight.

Once you've defeated the Garden Knight you'll be able to leave the West Garden and carry on in your adventure.

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