Tunic The Quarry and The Monastery Collectible Guide

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Tunic The Quarry and The Monastery Collectible Guide

Tunic, the adventure game about a little fox wearing a tunic is now out and with it, you can dive directly into action. Across the game's sprawling world, you'll encounter all kinds of collectibles. In this Tunic The Quarry and The Monastery Collectible Guide, we'll cover the locations of all of the collectibles we've found so far in The Quarry and The Monastery area of the game.

What can I do with each Tunic Collectible?

There are a number of different collectibles to be found in Tunic. Each has a different purpose, such as improving your fox stats or helping you learn about the game. Our Guide hub has a section about what each Tunic Collectible does in detail. We cover both Tunic Fairy Solutions and Locations and Tunic Secret Treasure Solutions and Locations too! We've also got a Tunic Instruction Manual Pages Location guide!

Below, you'll find the locations for Instruction Manual Pages, Magic Potions, Upgrade Items, Ability Cards, and Gold Coins!

Tunic The Quarry Collectibles | Locations Map

Tunic The Quarry Collectibles Map

The Quarry - Instruction Manual Pages

  • From where you obtain the gun in the South-West of the region start walking East but up behind the targets and walk behind the structure. Follow a path to get to the chest with the fragment.

The Quarry - Fox Statue

  • You can find this Statue in the far South West of the map.

The Quarry - Blue Mushrooms

  • After returning to The Quarry with the teleport dash ability return to the chest near the top of the temple where the Gold Coin was and teleport across the gap. This chest has a Mushroom in it.

The Quarry - Ability Cards

  • Aura's Gem - 
    From the split path head East over the dropped bridge and climb as high as you can. At the North-East of the Quarry you'll find this card in a chest.

Tunic The Monastery Collectibles | Locations

Unfortunately you never receive a map for this area so the collectibles and their locations will be listed, but you might have to do a bit more searching...

The Monastery - Magic Potions


  • Continue through the Monastary until you reach the second Fox Shrine (though they don't look like fox's here). This room will also be filled with glowing pink liquid. Head South-East twice, then North-East towards the platform with two turrets and a chest. This chest will contain the Magic Potion.

The Monastery - Ability Cards

  • Scavenger's Mask - Allows you to survive around the purple miasma
    Make your way through the Monastery and in the room with the Hero's Grave you'll find a chest with this card in it.

That's it for our Tunic The Quarry and The Monastery Collectible Guide, check out more guides below:

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