Tunic Boss Scavenger Boss Fight Guide

Last Update: March 16, 2022


Tunic Boss Scavenger Boss Fight Guide

With just one key remaining it's time to descend not just to the bottom of the earth within the Quarry, but to take a lift even further down to the strange mechanical world underneath the land's crust. After navigating glowing ooze and purple beasts you'll find yourself face to face with the Boss Scavenger and his recently scavenged Blue Gem. In this Tunic Boss Scavenger Boss Fight Guide, we'll go over the different attacks that the Boss Scavenger employs and how to get around them.

First, Boss Scavenger has a shield so be expecting to have a number of your attacks blocked. The best way to get around the shield is to either use explosives to try to stun him or to just always be dodging around him and attacking to get a clean strike in.


Melee attacks that Boss Scavenger can perform all include turning his shield into an extremely long laser sword. Getting out of its reach is pretty impossible so you'll be forced to time your dodges perfectly to capitalize on the invincibility frames. Boss Scavenger is also pretty fast with his lunge attack, running towards you and then taking a large swipe.

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A bigger but slower leap into the center will have Boss Scavenger drop his sword into the ground creating a shockwave similar to that of the robots you've recently faced. You can tell when he's about to perform this attack because he'll wind back his arm slowly. His most insulting attack is his kick, where when too close he'll simply kick you away…

When you're trying to get away from Boss Scavenger he'll likely use his shotgun on you. Much like your own gun, this fires a cone spray of bullets. You can use the canisters set around the arena as cover from this gunfire. He also will throw firecrackers occasionally, you can quickly roll out of the way of these.

Each of the Boss Scavenger's attacks is telegraphed quite clearly, the attack themselves might be fast but this slow lead-up does give players time to respond accordingly. This will likely be a slower fight but as long as you keep an eye on him and don't attack feverishly you should be able to make it through.

Make sure you're using the arena as much as possible, taking breathers from the fight by getting behind canisters. Also, make sure to not get yourself trapped in the little area of the arena where the Blue Gem is. You'll quickly find yourself getting combo'd as you'll have nowhere to run with his long-ranged melee attacks.


With the Boss Scavenger handily dispatched you're now able to pick up the Blue Gem and with it should be the final key in your collection to unlocking the prison around The Heir.



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