Tunic The Librarian Boss Fight Guide

Last Update: March 16, 2022


Tunic The Librarian Boss Fight Guide

From luscious gardens, to deep within ancient structures, and now on top of a tower high into the sky is where you'll find the next Tunic boss fight, The Librarian. This is your first encounter with a flying boss, this issue is further aggravated by the small combat arena for your poor gravity-afflicted Fox. In this Tunic The Librarian Boss Fight Guide we'll explain the best strategy when facing off against The Librarian and what you're rewarded with.

Obviously this fight will take place at the very top of The Great Library. You'll get here by climbing all the way up from the Ruined Atoll. This fight will be the first boss fight against a flying enemy so make sure your Magic Orb is always Equipped.

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The Librarian themselves has a sword that in close range they'll swing at you. They will also lunge towards you. Another of their attacks will be to disappear completely, only to reappear above you and drive their sword into the ground creating a shockwave. Be sure to be ready to dodge out of the way as soon as the Librarian reappears. After striking their sword into the ground though they'll be stuck for a few moments, there's also electricity coursing out of the ground so it's not a good time to strike.

The Librarian floating away from the arena can swing their blade and send out a wave of dark energy vertically or horizontally. If the strike is vertical it will leave a path of fire in its wake, but it's not as difficult to dodge. Dodge towards this attack if horizontal, or to the size if it's a vertical strike to get through it unscathed. If that wasn't enough The Librarian also has a beam attack, they'll hold up their sword and fire a laser. It will slowly sweep across the arena so be sure to stay out of its way.

On top of needing to watch out for the Librarian, they will also have a series of electric clouds/dark energy balls that will spawn around the arena and charge towards you. You can deflect these with your shields. Another thing to watch out for is enemies being summoned, with four showing up at once you can very quickly get overpowered so be sure to dispatch them quickly.

The main strategy you'll want to find here is waiting until the Librarian is close enough to the stage and using the Magic Orb to pull them towards you. If you get them close enough then the Librarian will fight you close-ranged for a few moments before taking off again. It breaks the fight into two parts, one traditional Tunic combat and the other is almost more akin to bullet hell.

After defeating The Librarian you'll be rewarded with the Green Key used to unlock another of the seals on The Heir's prison.

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