Tunic The Swamp and The Cathedral Collectible Guide

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Tunic The Swamp and The Cathedral Collectible Guide

Tunic, the adventure game about a little fox wearing a tunic is now out and with it, you can dive directly into action. Across the game's sprawling world, you'll encounter all kinds of collectibles. In this Tunic The Swamp and The Cathedral Collectible Guide, we'll cover the locations of all of the collectibles we've found so far in the Swamp and The Cathedral area of the game.

What can I do with each Tunic Collectible?

There are a number of different collectibles to be found in Tunic. Each has a different purpose, such as improving your fox stats or helping you learn about the game. Our Guide hub has a section about what each Tunic Collectible does in detail. We cover both Tunic Fairy Solutions and Locations and Tunic Secret Treasure Solutions and Locations too! We've also got a Tunic Instruction Manual Pages Location guide!

Below, you'll find the locations for Instruction Manual Pages, Magic Potions, Upgrade Items, Ability Cards, and Gold Coins!

Tunic The Swamp Collectibles | Locations Map

Tunic The Swamp Collectibles Map

The Swamp - Magic Potions


  • From the Obelisk at the East side of The Swamp head towards the pathway up but near the bottom, you'll see a chest. Stay on the bottom level and walk to the North to find a pathway to this chest.

The Swamp - Ability Cards

  • Dagger Strap
    From the Fox Statue head as far South as you can across the gate to the East. There will be a chest with this card.
  • Perfume
    Once you pass through the second door in The Swamp: Old Burying Ground immediately head south and you'll see a ladder next to a gate in the foreground. Climb up this and open the chest for this card

The Swamp - Gold Coins

  • After passing through the gate past the Fox Shrine head immediately south and climb up a ladder. Travel down the hill to find a chest protected by a large skeletal enemy. A Gold Coin is in this chest.
  • From the Obelisk on the East side of The Swamp continue East and then South to find a gap between the mountain and a chest past that.
  • From the Obelisk on the East side of The Swamp head up the hill and then South and you'll see a chest immediately in front of you. There's another coin here.
  • After obtaining the ability to Teleport Dash from the gate dividing East and West swamp head South and climb up the ladder. Dash to the top of the stone pillars in the dividing gate and dash further south to get to the ledge with a chest on it.


Tunic The Cathedral Collectibles | Locations Map

Tunic Collectibles - 12. The Cathedral

The Cathedral - Magic Potions


  • In the boss fight arena at the bottom of the Cathedral you'll be able to earn this by interacting with its podium on the far right.


  • Progress through the dungeon until you get to the room upstairs with all of the overturned bird cages and multiple bird enemies. Before leaving through the door in the south search the cages to the North-East of the room and you'll find a chest hidden among them. On your map you'll show as location 5.

That's it for our Tunic The Swamp and The Cathedral Collectible Guide, check out more guides below:

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