Tunic The Heir Boss Fight Guide

Last Update: March 16, 2022


Tunic The Heir Boss Fight Guide

As a fox you've explored the world of Tunic, defeated the Siege Engine, The Librarian, and The Boss Scavenger and freed the Heir. Congrats game over, we can live happily ever after, wait no why are you picking up your sword?!? That's right, the final boss of the game is The Heir themselves and they're a doozy of a fight but don't get too discouraged on your first attempt. In this Tunic The Heir Boss Fight Guide we'll go over what to do in this encounter, what to watch out for, and what beating The Heir gets you.

The first fight against The Heir

Lose... it's as easy as that. Dying for the first time to the Heir unlocks a distorted version of the world where you can explore as a ghost but be aware that the world is very different. You will need to visit each of the Hero Grave's around the world, pray at them, and claim their reward in order to reclaim your body and be able to refight The Heir.


NOTE: If you have the Infinite Life Accessibility Feature on be sure to disable it for this fight so that you can correctly unlock the distorted world

A second fight against The Heir

Here you go, this is the one that you should be able to win...

After you free the Heir from their hexagonal prison travel to the teleportation area by praying at one of the gold platforms. The glowing sword that used to be at the center teleport platform. After a short cutscene, the battle will begin. WARNING: Before the battle begins make sure the Gas Mask card is still equipped. The Second Stage of this boss battle will leak poison damage so you want to make sure you equip it while you have the time to.


Wielding the giant sword The Heir will attack you with a variety of horizontal and vertical slashes. This sword is large so will have a long reach but also somewhat slow so it makes it easier to dodge. These slashes can be close, or the Heir can lunge at you first trying to close in on some distance. When up close The Heir might also drive their sword into the ground creating a ring of energy, if you're in close range you might get caught in the initial shockwave but it will then radiate out further. Jump over the ring and avoid damage. The most frustrating thing about ALL of The Heir's melee attacks is that they'll cause knockback and deal very high damage, you'll need to learn these patters really well to be able to not get caught in a combo.

Tunic 210

The Heir will hold their sword up in the air at times and then resume a normal stance. Bolts of light will begin to fall from the sky so be prepared to stay back and dodge the normal onslaught as well as the ranged attack. Thankfully they telegraph their position with a ring of light so it's not too hard.
Taking a quick step back The Heir has some faster directly ranged projectiles of light. These come much faster so if you have your full stamina bar you can dodge out of the way otherwise use your shield to block one or two hits, it does a lot of damage to your stagger though. An interesting part about these direct-ranged hits is that if you're right under The Heir they don't have enough of an angle to hit your short character.


As the battle continues everything that The Heir does will go up a level. Instead of a single shockwave, there will be three, the lunge attack will now come with area of effect damage, and single strikes will start dealing even more damage.

There is a SECOND PHASE to this fight after you completely knock down all of The Heir's HP. When they stand back up they'll start glowing with the dark purple glow of poison that you saw in The Quarry. Every hit you take will deal poison damage (This is why you want the Gas Mask equipped), and The Heir's lunge attack will create a wake of dark purple energy-sucking your maximum HP if you even go near it.


Some other changes is that three shockwaves will now become 5, and the big strike into the earth will send cracks of purple energy in every direction before also knocking you back. It's very difficult to judge when you should be close to The Heir, and when you should stay far away.

What do I get for defeating The Heir?

After defeating The Heir you get the normal ending of the game, here your Fox takes the place of the defeated heir and the cycle repeats. You'll then be prompted to keep searching the world for pages of the Instruction Manual that you're missing, or have the option to start a new game plus.

If you enter this combat having already obtained all Instruction Manual pages you'll get the true ending of the game.

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