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Talking to Rafael after he has been saved.

Our Starfield Entangled Guide will go over the main choice you'll be asked to make during this main quest, and how you can actually save everyone.

Starfield Entangled Quest Choices

Entangled is one of the final main story quests in Starfield, taking you to the Nishina Research Station where a recent experiment has gone wrong. During your time there, you'll learn that the failed experiment actually lead to two different outcomes, as you end up switching between universes.

In one universe, most of the facility made it out alive, with only Rafael perishing in the accident. In another, Rafael was the only survivor and the facility became overrun by alien creatures.

When reaching the climax of this quest, you're tasked with turning off the machine that was used during the experiment, which is still running and keeping one of the Artefacts you need out of reach.

However, you're told that you can only save one of the universes, meaning that you have to sacrifice either Rafael or the entire rest of the facility.

Rafael's Body, containing the text log needed to complete the experiment.

How to Save Everyone in Entangled

However, despite what you're told (and even the quest UI saying you can only choose one universe), there's actually a way to make sure everyone survives.

In the regular universe, you can find the body of Rafael below the control room. He's carrying the Probe Calibration Protocol text log, which is key to turning off the machine properly.

The text log gives a list of 8 instructions you must follow, which must be done in both universes. We recommend taking out all of the robots and aliens before you worry about turning off the machine.

Looking at the Lab Control Computer.

All of these steps involve the Lab Control Computer, which is found in the upper part of the room. The overrun version of the lab can be entered freely, while you must use the distortions to access the normal one.

Looing at Power Interlock Switch 6.

Starting from the computer, select the Degaussing option. You'll then be tasked with turning certain numbered switches off, and then back on again. You can see the number of each switch when looking at them, and the quest will also highlight them with blue markers.

Repeat Degaussing for both universes (each one will require to turn different switches off and on), and then head back to the computer.

Setting the output frequency during Frequency Calibration to 40 GHz.

From there, you'll then have to start Frequency Calibration. This requires you choose different Output Frequency options in each universe, though we only found the correct solution via trial end error. Note that, while these are the numbers we used to complete the quest, there might be a chance these are different between playthroughs.

Regular Universe computer: 40 GHz.

Overrun Universe computer: 24 Ghz.

With this step done, simple head to the left of the lasers and activate the Primary Calibration Control buttons in each universe, and you'll have successfully saved all members of the facility.

Talking to Rafeal while gaining quest rewards.

Starfield Entangled Rewards

As a reward for saving both the staff in the regular universe, and the Rafael from the overrun one, you'll get some unique rewards.

You'll get 800XP and 17,000 Credits on top of the normal quest reward. You'll also receive the Experimental Nishina Helmet and Spacesuit, legendary gear that offers a good mix of weapon and elemental resistances.

Rafael can be recruited too, though you'll have to head to Viewport in New Atlantis before he'll join.

That's all for our Starfield Entangled Guide! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.

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