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Our Starfield New Game Plus Guide will go over the game's unique way of handling repeat playthroughs on a single character, and why it's worth doing.

How New Game Plus Works in Starfield

Once you've made it to the end of the main Constellation questline, you'll be left with the quest "One Giant Leap". The only way to complete this quest is to head into new game plus.

Without delving too heavily into spoilers, you'll be told how to access New Game Plus, and the option is always there even if you decide not to the first time. Choosing to do so will cause you to lose nearly everything from your current playthrough, though some things do carry over.

What Carries Over to New Game Plus in Starfield

Everything related to your character remains intact. This includes their Level, Traits, Skills, and unlocked Powers.

Other than that though, you'll be stripped of everything else you've collected. No weapons, ships, credits, or anything similar will be available to you once you head into New Game Plus.

This extends to quests and your relationships with Companions. Treat it as a full reset, letting you take on quests in a new way while still retaining your upgraded Skills.

If you don't want to lose your progress, but still want to get the achievement for completing One Giant Leap, just make a save before heading into New Game Plus then reload afterwards.

Talking to Vladimir in New Game Plus.

Why Starfield New Game Plus is Worth Doing

To make up for losing lots of things in the jump to New Game Plus, you gain some bonuses in return.

For starters, you'll be given a powerful set of armor (it's an all-in-one set, combining body, helmet, and pack). You're also given a great all-rounder ship that even comes with some shielded cargo space, if you feel like doing some smuggling.

You also have the option to skip the main story entirely after returning to the lodge, instead heading out to grab the Artefacts again from randomised locations (though they're all marked on your star map).

When it comes to story and characters in New Game Plus, you'll have access to new dialogue options and sometimes even quests — said quests can potentially make certain Companions more powerful.

Finally, you can keep heading to temples to obtain more powers. If you obtain a previous collected Power again during New Game Plus, it'll become more powerful. This can range from that Power having an increases effect duration, to a lowered usage cost.

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