Starfield Console Commands

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starfield screenshot with the camera half sunk into the floor showing a hidden chest and several bar patrons floating above

Starfield is so much like previous Bethesda games that the console still works the same, and this guide will show you how to use the console in Starfield. 

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There are several ways you will be able to access the console, depending on your region, as long as you're playing on PC that is. We've listed the common ways out below; 

How to Access the Command Console in Starfield

starfield screenshot showing the console active at the bottom of the screen with a futuristic spaceport pictured above

Try out the keyboard combos below until you see the command console pop up on the bottom left of your screen. 

  • Shift + '
  • Shift + `
  • Shift + ~

Basic Starfield Console Commands

Here are several commands that you will find useful throughout the course of Starfield. Be aware that enabling most of these commands will disable your ability to get achievements. 

Command Effect
player.additem 0000000f ### Gives you ### credits
tgm toggles god mode on/off
tcl toggles clipping on/off
tdetect toggles AI detection on/off (ultimate stealth)
killall Kills all AI nearby
player.resethealth Refills your HP
tgp Toggles the game pause
tfc Toggles free camera
ShowLooksMenu Player 1 Brings up the character creator again

Searching for Item IDs with the Command Console

starfield screenshot showing a scroll of text including the use of the help function

You can use the 'help' command to search for Item IDs. Use the format below to search for any items that you don't already have an ID for. 

  • help "search term" 4

The 4 at the end filters out certain classes of objects that you probably won't be looking for, and you'll need to include quotation marks if there are any spaces in the item you're searching. 

Most usable items are found in the following format: 

  • ALCH: (Item ID) 'Item Name' 

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