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Our Sea of Stars Endings Guide will go over how to unlock each of the available endings, including the requirements needed to see the true ending.

Sea of Stars has 2 possible endings that you can get at the end of your journey. One is quite simple to reach, while the other requires a little more work from the player.

The regular ending screen for Sea of Stars, showing "The End?"

Sea of Stars Standard Ending

To see the regular ending, you simply have to follow the story to the end. In fact, this is the only ending you can get the first time through. After completing the game, you'll have the option to create a clear save file. This lets you return to the save point before the final boss, and tackle the true (or perhaps alternate) ending.

A mysterious device surrounded by stone pillars.

Sea of Stars True Ending Unlock Guide

Beating the game and saving your clear file will lead to the game notifying you that "A mysterious device has appeared in the Moorlands". The best way to reach this is via the bottom left entrance on the world map. From there, head north and through the cave, before going west.

The "mysterious device" will be there, surrounded by 7 pillars. These pillar relates to a certain thing you must do, which will then cause the runes to light up. The requirements to light up all the pillars are:

  • Complete all arena fights in Brisk.
  • Defeat the Gun Goddess at Throne of the Queen That Was. To reach this, go north east, south east, north east, east in the Cerulean Expanse.
  • Complete all Sunken Ruins and defeat the Sea Slug. On the world map, you can activate a button to bring up multiple light pillars. These let you activate the light buttons underneath the water, leading to multiple ruins.
  • Complete all Solstice Shrines and defeat the boss behind the portal in the Mountain Trail (below the Elder Mist Trials)
  • Find all 60 Rainbow Conch shells and hand them in to the trader at Lake Docarria.
  • Free Duke Aventry. This "sidequest" is started via entering Romaya’s Secret Passage on the world map.

Once every task is completed, you can interact with the device to unlock the way to the final boss. Without talking spoilers, just make sure to talk with your companions after the cutscenes take place, as you'll be directed to where you'll need to go before heading to the final dungeon again to unlock the true ending.

Note that once the true ending requirements are met, there is no way to get the regular ending again on that save file.

That's everything for our Sea of Stars Endings Guide! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.


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