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Talking to Mirna, the Rainbow Conch trader

Our Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Guide will show you where to find each of these collectables, along with what they are used for.

Rainbow Conches are a collectable found in unique chests (blue with a shell on the front) or via short sidequests. While they don't offer any direct benefits on their own, they do have a purpose once you make your way further through the game.

What are Rainbow Conches Used For in Sea of Stars

Rainbow Conches can be traded into Mirna, a small fishman residing in the village at Lake Docarria. This area is found midway through Sea of Stars, and can be revisited freely. Mirna will give you rewards based on the total number of Rainbow Conches you have found, though they'll always remain in the key items section of the inventory to help you keep track.

How many Rainbow Conches Are There?

There are 60 Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars, spread across every area of the game. None are missable, and they can still be collected even if you defeat the final boss.

All Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Rewards

  • 4 - Inn Plans
  • 11 - Cornucopia accessory
  • 19 - Shop Plans
  • 22 - Fishing Hut Plans
  • 27 - Falcon-eyed Parrot Relic
  • 35 - Poutine cooking recipe
  • 39 - Spa Plans
  • 47 - Pudding Chomeur cooking recipe
  • 60 - Rainbow Star

The plans are all used to create buildings in Mirth, an area made available before reaching Lake Docarria. The Falcon-eyed Parrot Relic is another useful reward, telling you if you've missed any conches, treasure, or other collectables when selecting an area on the map.

After handing in all 60 Rainbow Conches, you'll get the Rainbow Star. The Rainbow Star is one of the requirements that must be met to unlock the True Ending of Sea of Stars.

All Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations

X’tol’s Landing - Near Start

First Rainbow Conch in Xtol's Landing.
X’tol’s Landing - Midway, requires item obtained later in the story to move crystal and create platform up.

Second Rainbow Conch in Xtol's Landing
Wind Tunnel Mines - At the bottom of the main mine area

Rainbow Conch in Wind Tunnel Mines
Stonemason's Outpost - Activate wind crystal inside the center building then talk to person having a bath

Sleeping moleman next to green windmill.
Stonemason's Outpost - Inside building with 2 doors (head into left door, then through the gap at the back right). Requires Mistral Bracelet to move crystal.

Cave with painting moleman.
Coral Cascades - Head right at the 3-way waterfall split, use crystal.

Chest near waterfall.
Coral Cascades - Jump from above into the breakable floor at the bottom of the mini waterfall

Chest near small pool of water.
Port Town of Brisk - Left side

Looking at a blue chest on a beach.
Port Town of Brisk - Upper left, inside building with 3 chests. Have to pick the chest with 10 gold in it 5 times, costs 5 gold each time. Completely random, so just keep picking the left one until you get it.

Talking to man next to 3 chests inside a building.
Port Town of Brisk - Under the docks

Swimming near the docks at night.
Port Town of Brisk - Swim to left side. Give the man on the boat 40 fish.

Talking to a man on a boat.
Port Town of Brisk - Right side, on small beach. Talk to kids making a sandcastle.

Kids making a sandcastle at the beach.
Port Town of Brisk - North side, head right at the dead end to find a secret room.

Standing in a cramped section of the Port Town of Brisk.
Port Town of Brisk - Talk to the villager eating icecream, then go back to Stonemasons Outpost and talk to the painter. Return to Brisk and talk to the painter.

Talking to moleman eating an icecream.
Abandoned Wizard's Lab - Light blue portal, under wooden platform

Swimming undernear a wooden platform.
Abandoned Wizard's Lab - Red portal, after solving puzzle

Obtaining a Rainbow Conch in a dark room.
Wraith Island Docks - Under log bridge

Looking at a chest under a log bridge.
Town of Lucent - Talk to the painting inside the first building to the left of Lucent's entrance. Then talk to the painting in the building left of the tavern. Head back to the first painting and give it Berry Jam.

Talking to a living painting.
Town of Lucent - North east side

Looking at hidden chest near swamp.
Cursed Woods - Hidden in cave

Standing outside a cave.
Flooded Graveyard - In water to the right of Necromancer's lair

Looking at chest submerged in water.
Necromancers Lair - Right room at 3 way split. Top right, grapple onto wizard enemy

Looking at chest in skull-filled room.
Haunted Mansion - Light torch in garden

Standing next to torches in a foggy garden.

Ancient Crypt - Hidden behind right pillar

Looking at chest hidden behind a pillar.
Mirth - On top of main building

Standing on the roof of a wooden building.
Mirth - Side of the pond (requires Fishing Hut)

Looking at chest next to a pond at night.
??? (Island at bottom of map) - Top right

Looking at chest next to an empty pond.
Mooncradle - Bottom-left building with farmer. Push boxes around outside to clear roots

Standing in a field filled with roots.
Mooncradle - Right side. Use wind to push leaves into pile of sticks

Talking to a man who needs piles of leaves collected.
Jungle Path - Complete mirror puzzle (requires an ability unlocked after you visit this area for the first time)

Standing near a piller emitting light in the jungle.
Sacred Grove - Under the waterfall

Standing under a waterfall.
Lake Docarria - In the village. Building southeast of entrance whirlpool.

Rainbow conch chest inside sea-themed house.
Lake Docarria - In the village. Use whirlpool at the back of the store nearby, then go past the first underwater whirlpool and head north.

Standing next to a conch chest on a platform
Lake Docarria - In the village. Help the old man to the right side of the village find 3 kids:

  • Use whirlpool at the back of the item store, then take the first whirlpool
  • Then go back into the whirlpool and head north.
  • Northeast house, through the whirlpool

Talking to an old man in Lak Docarria.
Antsudlo - Third floor, bottom right

Standing next to an opened, partially submerged conch chest.
Glacial Peak - Head left after melting large ice block and going down the ladder

Standing next to a cliffside ladder in Glacial Peak.
Torment Peak - Head down the vines and into the cave

Standing next to a conch chest in a dark cave.
Mossy Cache - Left side

Looking at a partially covered conch chest in the jungle.
Autumn Hills - Top of the tall tree

Looking at a chest on top of a large tree.
Bamboo Creek - North of Songshroom Marsh on the world map

Sea of Stars world map, highlighting Bamboo Creek.
Songshroom Marsh -  Behind the hut, go around from the left side

Standing behind a hut.
Clockwork Castle - Sliding ladder puzzle room

Standing at the top of a ladder, next to a chest.
Mountain Trail - Right side, near the start. Requires grappling hook

Standing by a chest on an isolated cliff.
Forbidden Cavern - Left cave at start. Use wind to move the stone pillar

Standing next to a chest inside a small cavern.
Elder Mist Trials - Left portal. Use wind to move the stone pillar

Standing next to a chest that was hidden by a pillar.
Cloud Kingdom - “Inn” room

On top of a floating platform.
Cloud Kingdom - Council room behind pillar

Standing behind a pillar, looking at a chest.
Air Elemental Skyland - Inside cave

Looking at a chest on top of a platform above the sky.
Moorlands - Break the blue crystal east of the starting point

Looking at blue crystals in the Moorlands.
Kiln Mountain - Use boulder to break the rocks

Standing by a chest and a boulder.
Derelict Factory - Top right of crane room (grab with the crane)

Looking at a chest in a high-tech room.
Repine - Equipment store

Looking at a chest inside a derelict room.
Repine - Behind Inn

The Repine Inn, featuring a hidden chest at the back.
Repine - Feed the machine in the Inn, next to the innkeeper. The following are what we used for each request:

  • Sweet (Peach Strudel)
  • Warming (Hearty Stew)
  • Meaty (Roast Sandwich)
  • Light (Basic Salad)
  • From the water (Yakitori Shrimp)

Giving Peach Strudel to a robot.
Cerulean Expanse - Head south, south west, south east, south

4 chests next to a campfire.
Seat of the Triumvirate - Left side

Standing next to a chest on a ledge.
Sky Base - Above the first set of moveable platforms

Standing next to a chest on an upper platform in Sky Base.
Throne of the Queen That Was - Left side. To reach, go north east, south east, north east, east in Cerulean Expanse

A chest next to a large set of stairs.
Sealed Doccari Ruins - Obtain the 3 seals in the Sunken Doccari Ruins — activate the button at the top left of the world map, then direct light into the underwater symbols — and fight the Sea Slug boss.

A chest in an underwater cavern.
Half-Sunken Tower (Accessed via Romaya’s Secret Passage on the world map. From there, defeat the optional boss to get the journal, give it to Duke Aventry, and give the Yellow Flame to the Ferryman) - Jump into southern water then head west.

A chest in a submerged part of a swamp.

And that's all for our Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Guide! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.


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