Sea of Stars Mirth Guide | How to Make Every Building

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Talking to Jirard in Mirth.

Our Sea of Stars Mirth Guide will go over how you can add each of the buildings to the town, along with their related benefits.

Mirth is a town that becomes available midway through Sea of Stars. It stars off fairly empty, but you have the option to build a number of useful facilities during your adventures.

The NPC Jirard asking for building plans.

How to Add Buildings to Mirth in Sea of Stars

At the entrance of Mirth, you can talk to Jirard the Constructionist (who is definitely not based on an actual person in real life) and he'll ask you for building plans. However, he doesn't actually tell you how to find said plans.

Thankfully, all building plans for Mirth can be found in the village at Lake Docarria, an area you'll visit during the story. The NPC Mirna will take the Rainbow Conch shells you may have been collecting in each area, trading numerous rewards in return.

3 of the rewards are building plans, which can be handed to Jirard, no materials required. It's 4 shells for the Inn Plans, 19 for the Shop Plans, 22 for the Fishing Hut Plans, and 39 Spa Plans.

Using the plans to create the buildings isn't enough though. You'll also have to find an NPC to run each one. You can find these NPCs before actually creating the buildings, and vice versa.

Sea of Stars Inn

To man the inn, head back to the inn at Lucent. If you talk to Edgar, he'll tell you that his brother has found himself out of work. After the conversation is over, his brother will arrive in Mirth the next time you visit.

The inn acts like most other inns in Sea of Stars, letting you set up camp or play a game of Wheels.

Sea of Stars Shop

Head to the south east building in Lake Docarria, and talk to the woman there to add 2 shopkeepers to the Shop in Mirth. One sells equipment, the other ingredients and miscellaneous items.

Sea of Stars Fishing Hut

Head to the inn in Mooncradle and talk to the fisherman. He'll join Mirth, running the Fishing Hut once built. The fishing hut also adds a pool, featuring a selection of the fish you've already caught.

He'll also give Relics that make fishing easier once you've reached a certain total of unique fish caught.

Sea of Stars Spa

After activating the water in Stonemason's Outpost, talk to the person having a bath to recruit them to Mirth.

Once up and running, you can pay Gold at the Spa to increase a stat for each party member. This stat upgrade is set per party member, and can only be done once each.

That's all for our Sea of Stars Mirth Guide! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.


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