Sea of Stars Developer Discusses Possible Second DLC, Potential New Games, & More

The developers of the charming RPG Sea of Stars discussed a possible second DLC, the genre of potential new games, and the possibility of releasing a standalone version of the Wheels minigame. 👀

Published: October 15, 2023 12:30 PM /


Sea of Stars

It's safe to say that the indie RPG by Sabotage Studio Sea of Stars has been very well received, and the developer is now looking at the future. 

Director Thierry Boulanger hosted a Q&A livestream in which he shared some interesting teases about what fans can expect in the future from the game and from the studio. 

Asked what additional upcoming content may appear in the game, Boulanger mentioned that the developer is creating "a little something special" as a challenge for Jirard The Constructionist at the upcoming Indieland 2023, and if people feel like that sounds fun, it may be added to Sea of Stars for everyone. 

Beyond the already announced Throes of the Watchmaker DLC, there could be a second one titled "Shades of Kunus'nuku," which for now is defined as "theoretical." It will depend on whether the game still feels relevant or whether it feels whole without it.

Sabotage Studio doesn't want to "overstay their welcome" so they'll consider whether people are still excited about it when the time comes.

There is also content coming that is "a big enough update" like the already announced Single-Player +, which is basically a co-op mode. 

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Asked about the genre for future potential games, Boulanger explained (with the preface "this doesn't mean that we are or aren't doing anything the following") that the idea is that if they were to create a potential The Messenger 2, and it's actually called like that, it'd have the same gameplay framework, pillars, delivery style, and sound font, and pixel art as the original game. It would be a "16-but sidescroller and/or Metroidvania." 

If they were to create Sea of Stars 2, then it would be a turn-based RPG that feels like from the SNES or PS1 era. If they were to present a completely new title (even though they would always be in the same universe) it would be a different gameplay genre. 

We also got a comment about the possibility of launching a standalone version of the minigame Wheels, Boulanger mentioned that it has been really fun to see the response to it. They're currently looking at options, but he doesn't think he wants to do a smartphone version. 

If they do it, it would be because "there is a way that makes sense for the community to get together and play in a PvP fashion" with tournaments, but it won't be something that prompts players to buy, watch ads, or buy skins for new characters. The developers just want people to play it.

Boulanger concluded with a rather promising "We'll try to figure it out. We have a good lead, but I don't wanna say anything." 

Sea of Stars is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you'd like to read more, you can take a look at our review. You can also watch the full livestream below. 

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