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A Wheels board, featuring 4 different Heroes.

Our Sea of Stars Wheels Guide will teach you everything you need to know about this minigame, and the rewards for beating each champion.

Talking to the tutorial Wheels player.

How to Play Wheels

Wheels is a minigame that can be played across the world of Sea of Stars, primarily in each of the game's inns. It's a 1v1 game, revolving around the use of a slot wheel and 2 "Hero" figures to do battle.

You can start playing Wheels as early as your first visit to the Port Town of Brisk, by talking to the Wheels player at the bottom of the inn. You'll be gifted Warrior and Mage Heros, along with a basic board to play with.

Wheels is essentially a slot machine, with the objective being to reduce the opponent's "Crown" (HP) to 0. You can take 2 Heros into a match, each having different attacks or other effects.

Heroes act once they have enough energy, represented by the rod beside them on the board. Most attacks have a height, and can be blocked by the opponents Bulwark (the stone wall in front of the Crown).

Sea of Stars Wheels Heroes

  • Warrior - Attacks low.
  • Mage - Attacks twice, one low and one high.
  • Archer - Attack high.
  • Engineer - Attacks low, while also increasing your Bulwark.
  • Assassin - Delays the charge of the enemy Hero closest to act. Also deals direct Crown damage, ignoring Bulwark
  • Priest - Charges other Hero, while also healing Crown.

To give Heroes energy, you spin the wheel. You can spin up to 3 times each turn, locking reels when they land on something you want. There are a few icons that can appear on the reels, along with 2 background types:

  • Blank - No effect
  • Yellow Squares - Charges the left Hero at the end of your turn if you match enough of them. 3 squares equals 1 energy, with 1 more energy added for each additional square after.
  • Blue Diamonds - Same as the yellow squares, but this time giving energy to the right Hero.
  • Hammers - Match 3 or more to build your Bulwark, a shield against most damage types
  • Blue Background - Gives XP to the Hero with the icon displayed on that reel.

Heroes gain 2 XP when activated, or 1 XP for each blue background reel on their respective icon. At 6 XP they level up, increasing their effects.

Levels come in bronze, silver, and gold, each having progressively better stats. If a Hero acquires 6 XP while already Gold, they instead deal 2 direct damage to the opponent.

Sea of Stars Wheels Ranks

By defeating NPCs in champion games, you'll sometimes earn higher ranks of Wheels. These offer better bonuses, such as a higher chance of xp or multi energy tokens.

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum

A Wheels board featuring a Mage, Knight, Priest, and Archer.

How to Win at Wheels in Sea of Stars

Early on, the best strategy is to focus on a single Hero, making sure they level up quickly to deal big damage. The best Heroes for this are Mage (since it attacks twice and is available from the start), or the Archer once you have them (they charge quickly and attack high).

You're always relying on luck to get the reels that you need, but if you can get a few early attacks in, the AI can't keep up.

Once you eventually unlock the Priest, they can be paired with the Mage or Archer for longer matches. The Priest keeps you topped up while also charging your other Hero at the same time.

All Sea of Stars Wheels Champions

To complete your Wheels journey and earn the Clockwork Champion achievement/trophy, you must take on every single Wheels player in a Champion match. After starting in Brisk, you can take on players in any order — other than the Watchmaker who must be challenged last.

The majority of Wheels players are found at inns/rest spots, and can be challenged straight away. The exceptions to this are:

  • Yolande can be faced in Wheels once you have access to the ship. To enter the ship while on the world map, hold down F/LB/L1/L. From there, head down to the lower decks and interact with the Wheels board.
  • The Inn in Mirth must be built and manned before its Wheels player is available
  • The Watchmaker can be found at the top of the Clockwork Castle, but will not play a game with you until you've defeated every other player.
  • The person by the table at the inn in Repine will play Wheels, but you must buy a Wheels board after talking to him for the first time. The Watchmaker will sell you a board for 350 Gold.

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