Starfield Mantis Mission Guide – Lair of the Mantis

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Image of the Lair of the Mantis

In this Starfield Mantis Mission Guide, we’ll help you get past the Mantis traps in the secret Outpost, so that you can fully explore the Lair of the Mantis in Starfield to get a free ship and high tier armor.

One of the groups you’ll run into (and generally must fight) is the Spacers, and you’ll encounter them all over Starfield’s galaxy of worlds – generally under fire.

In one of these encounters, you’ll come across a note titled “SECRET OUTPOST BASE” which details the rumor of riches in a secret base.

This letter leads you to  Denebola I-b, where you’ll learn of The Mantis, an individual whose sole purpose was to strike fear into the hearts of spacers all over, and she happened to have a son, whom she tried to bequeath her Outpost and riches to.

As you’ll find out... that didn’t go so well for him.

Completing this mission will net you some higher powered weaponry, a ship, and a sweet spacesuit, but there’s a few traps you’ll need to get through.

Making your way through the Mantis’ Secret Outpost

Land on the planet, and head into the Outpost, which is both secret (not) and unlocked. Head inside, and take down every Spacer in your path, looting each as you go.

Tip: Check every path, and there’s a safe on the floor of a small room with a really sweet pistol, seen below!

Pistol in Starfield
I carried this LONG past this mission

Eventually you clear out all the spacers, leaving Livvey near a door to talk to. A shady looking guy, for sure, but he does have a tip for the next room.

The Mantis Puzzle – Get Past the Turrets

Once you’ve burned through the enemies and been given the tip – there's a room with 7 rows of letters and numbers, that you’ll need to get across. Get it wrong, and the turrets will mow you down.

This puzzle has a simple solution, and it’s tied to the 4 different audio logs you found as you made your way here...  

The Mantis was fond of a single phrase, and used it often - “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which means “thus always to tyrants” and happens to have a work that fits perfectly to the puzzle.

Starfield Mantis Puzzle Room

Cross the room, walking across the following letters:

  • T
  • Y
  • R
  • A
  • N
  • N
  • I
  • S

Next to the door, press the buttom, and you can continue on your way to the Mantis’ Treasure once the door is unlocked. Note the locked door to your right, with a weapon case inside!

WIth the Mantis Puzzle solved, head deeper into the lair, and you’ll encounter a turret followed by a number of hostile robots to defeat, leading you to a hangar and the Mantis Spacesuit.

After making your way into the Hangar, there will be two waypoints – one for a spacesuit and another for a ship. Both are yours for the taking!

The full suit of Mantis Armor

The Mantis Spacesuit

Inside a glass case, you’ll find the 3 pieces of the Mantis Spacesuit:

  • Mirrored Mantis Pack
  • Reactive Mantis Space Helmet
  • Sentinel’s Mantis Spacesuit

This is a strong set of armor, especially for combat, and it’s a unique piece you definitely don’t want to sell! With that armor in hand, let’s go check out the ship!

Razorleaf Mantis Ship

The Mantis' Ship - The Razorleaf

Raise the ship up to the surface, and then take the elevator upwards to make your way back outside.

With the ship being yours for the taking – head inside and you’ll be able to continue your adventure with a fresh new ship, The Razorleaf, in your stable of ships to utilize as you explore the galaxy.

The Razorleaf isn’t anything super special – it's pretty close to the ship you start the game with, but has some additional power and ballistic capabilities for combat as well as additional shielding.

Here’s the full specs of the Razor Leaf:

Razoreleaf Stats

With the mission completed, you’ll get some experience and judging by the fact that the Secret Outpost, AKA The Lair of The Mantis, is yours – you're the Mantis now too.


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