Starfield Last Will and Testament Guide | Give the Will to Elias or Frank?

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Elias Cartwright Pondering Life

In this Starfield Last Will and Testament guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete this mission and choose whether to give Sahar Hasanov’s Will to Frank or Elias in Akila City.

This quest isn’t one you stumble upon, you’ll have to talk to Elias Cartwright on the upper levels of Akila City, and ask him about the Core before he’ll tell you his little “problem.”

Turns out, one of the last descendants of an early family in Akila City passed with no heir, and Elias wants to do right by the family that has been close with his for generations.

Elias Cartwright in Starfield talking about Sahar

Accept his request and open the map and look on the southern part of Akila for “Sahar’s Farm” - then travel there.

You’ll immediately be greeted by some low level (5) Ashtar, and rabid farm animals you’ll have to put down, poor little guys.

Head into the small habitat and inside a crate you’ll find the Last Will and Testament of Sahar.

Image of Sahars Farm in Starfield on Akila

There was an illegitimate heir that the estate was left to – which will absolutely delight Elias. However, the other party (who purchased the Hasanov estate) is also interested.

You’ll get to choose who you give the Will to, and the choice will have very different rewards.

Starfield Last Will and Testament Rewards

Upon returning to Akila City from Sahar’s Farm – you'll might two new waypoints. One for Elias Cartwright, and one for Frank Langston.  

Note if you didn’t get the rumor about Langston exploring the city, you can still make this choice.

Image of Elias talking about Lawyers

Give Elias Cartwright the Will

While probably the right thing to do, you’ll get stiffed on a reward for this in comparison to Frank.  

Head to Elias and let him know you found it, and he’ll thank you and mention he’ll hunt down the heir of the Manor and reach out to a Lawyer. He’ll then give you 2500 Credits, some nice words, and you’ll get 100 XP.

Frank Whining About His Treatment in Akila City

Give Frank Langston The Will

Frank is kind of a rough personality, but he’d purchased the Hasanov Manor from a realtor without knowing the history, and the locals aren’t too pleased about it.

If you chat with him, you can mention the Last Will and Testament, and he’ll offer you 10,000 Credits. If you accept his offer, you can head back to Elias and lie about the will for an additional 5500 Credits...more than he offered you for bringing him the Will.

Where is Frank Langston?

Facing The Rock, go up the left side and turn left right after the Freestar Collective Consulate (which has a Skill Magazine inside) and the Langston Estate will be straight back.

Frank Langston's House in Akila City Location


Hopefully this helped you make a choice on who to give the Will to! For more guides, check out the list below:


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