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Image looking over the city of New Atlantis from the Mercury Tower penthouse in Starfield

Everyone needs a place to put their nicest stuff, and Starfield is no different. While your ship can store the essentials to expand your outposts and sell to merchants, you need a home to rest your head. Our Starfield Houses guide will show you where you can buy homes, and the views you can expect from each!

While there's not a ton of places you can get houses, the ones you can get are fairly nice, and give you some good room to build, tinker, and decorate.

Let's start our tour, shall we?

Image looking out over Jemison in New Atlantis from the Mercury Tower Penthouse
The view in the header image is from the opposite side of the Penthouse, but this view is impressive too..

New Atlantis Houses

New Atlantis has 2 homes for purchase, technically, but you can get one for free with a super sweet view.

New Atlantis – Mercury Tower Penthouse

You’ll get this for completing the entire UC Vanguard Questline, as a reward for your service to the UC. Completing one of the early parts of this questline, also grants you access to purchase another home in New Atlantis.

Image of the inside of the mercury penthouse

This pad is spacious, and with a killer view seen above, it's a great addition a short walk from the train in the residential district. You can fit most of the crafting stations in one small room, with a massive open space beyond that to do more.

The Mercury Tower Penthouse is easily the biggest house in Starfield.

The Well Apartment

You'll be able to purchase this from the person who sells homes in the middle of New Atlantis, in a hexagonal building. It's not much, but it's decent despite the area that it's unfortunately in.

Cost: 30,000 Credits

Akila City Houses

The Outside of the Core Manor in Akila City
Core Manor is pretty nice!

Akila has two homes you can purchase from Ngodup Tate, who hangs around outside the Core Manor home

Core Manor

Cost: 78,000 Credits

Inside of the Core Manor
Welcome to my humble abode, please ignore the accidental grenade marks.

You’ll find near the house by some largo silos, which is in the upper level of the city down the     street from the consulate and across the street from a large open area covered by cloth.

Midtown Home, The Stretch Apartment

This is a bit off the beaten path, to the left of where you enter Akila City. For a small apartment it has a lot of space if you want to build living quarters, or a tinkerers' den!\

Cost: 45,000 Credits

Inside of the Akila City Apartment in Starfield

Neon Houses

A view from outside the sky suite in Neon
The view from the Sky Suite in Neon is pretty cool.

Neon – Sky Suite

You can purchase the Sky Suite from from Boone behind the bar in the Astral Lounge (far side of Neon) - once purchased you can take the elevator outside of the Lounge up to the Sky Suite for a pretty sizeable apartment with fantastic view.

Cost: 235,000 Credits

Here's what the inside of this Penthouse in Neon looks like:

Inside of the Sky Suite in Neon

Sleep Crate

Purchase from Sleep Crate in the Ebbingside, head down and you'll find this vendor. This is a literal crate with a bed, so you won't be able to decorate this house much.

Cost: 6,500 Credits

A Starfield Sleep Crate in Neon
Not much room for activities.

Olympus House

There's only one house here, and it requires a trait.

Nesoi House

This house can ONLY be obtained by selecting the "Dream Home" trait at the start of the game, which comes with a 125,000 credit Mortgage you can pay off to gain full access. It's a pretty good looking house on a sparse planet. That said, it's the only home you can fast travel to.

Here's what the inside looks like:

Inside of your Dream House in Starfield

How to Decorate Your Home in Starfield

There's two ways to decorate your home:

  • Interact with the white "Decorate" button on the wall
  • Open your scanning tool and press R on PC, or X on Controller.

From there, you'll be presented with a menu of options, and you'll be able to build them if you have the resources.

  • Crafting: Crafting Tables
  • Furniture
  • Decorations (Which includes things you've gotten from quests or sitting in your inventory)
  • Displays - Places to put gear and weapons in a nice way
  • Misc: Mission boards and bounty clearance

TIP: You don't need to carry the resources needed to craft. The decorate tool, much like the outpost tool, will pull from your ship's inventory.

Place the items where you want in your house, and decorate away!


That's it for the houses you can buy or acquire in Starfield!


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