How to Change FOV in Starfield

Last Update: September 2, 2023 11:58 AM


Looking at a planet in space.

Currently, Starfield does not have any field of view options by default. Our guide will go over how to increase your Starfield FOV with one simple fix.

The Starfield Folder in Windows Documents.

Increasing Starfield FOV on PC

Despite not having official field of view support in-game, changing your FOV in Starfield is a surprisingly simple process on PC — unlike DLSS upscaling, no file downloads are required.

First, head to your Documents folder, then My Games, and finally Starfield. This is where you'll be placing the file that we're about to create.

Open up Notepad, then add the following text:


Each one will determine the FOV of the game, the first being for first person mode, and the second for third person. Add whatever values you'd like to the end of each line — i.e. fFPWorldFOV=100 would set the first person FOV to 100.

The default FOV is 75, which can potentially cause motion sickness for some players. However, while editing the FOV using this method can help, it can introduce a fisheye effect when increasing the field of view to higher values.

Once done, hit save. Under the "Save as type" option, change it to all files. Then, name the document StarfieldCustom.ini. This will change the document to an ini file once saved, though it can still be opened again with Notepad if you want to make changes later.

As an example, this is a scene with the default FOV:

Looking at a guard with the default FOV.

And this is with the FOV changed to 100:

Looking at the same guard, but now more of the area can be seen.

Can FOV Be Increased in Starfield on Consoles?

There is no way to change the field of view in Starfield on consoles at this time. The above method also doesn't work on consoles, as it requires the creation of a ini file.

That's all for our guide to increasing Starfield FOV on PC! Make sure to check out more of our guides for the game below.


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