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Starfield's Akila City is a small walled city that doesn't have much in the way of economy, but thanks to Intelliwheat, it is self sustaining. As you'll learn in the Starfield Beer Run Mission though, some people want more - and we'll help you make the right choice.

You'll get this mission in the Weapon Shop just before you get to The Rock (Freestar Rangers' HQ) - and its one that has a moral choice.

Do you let a man continue to craft his beer, or shatter his dreams so that the System can have more food? Choices, choices.

Computer To Ruin Henrys Beer in Starfield

Making the Beer Run Choice

Make your way to Sarah Filburn, who wants to force her husband and his brother to focus on Intelliwheat, but wants you to do her dirty work. She'll tell you where you can find Henry's brewing vats, and tells you to ruin the next batch.

Make your way down to the vats, and you'll need to access the nearby computer and make a choice. Once you make one of the following choices, sit at a bench and wait 24 hours to continue the mission. You'll see the damage (or lack thereof) by visiting a local bar.

Increase Temp by 20 - If you do this, the beer will be ruined. They'll throw it all out because it's not selling, and you'll get 2,500 Credits from Sarah

Increase IBU - If you do this, the beer will be ruined. Henry's beer will stop selling, and because it's sour they'll throw it all out. You'll get 2,500 Credits from Sarah.

Increase Alcohol Content - Oops, you made the beer better? Everyone will love it, and they'll go about ordering more. It's a victory for Henry and you'll get 0 Credits.

Skip the 3 options above and tell Henry what Sarah is up to - 2500 Credits + 3-400 more based on your response.

Filburn Agricultural

Where is Henry Filburn?

Heading out of Sarah's house, turn right and head down the street. First on your left is Filburn Agricultural System, and then a little further down, you'll find Henry Filburn's house. Head inside and talk to him.

Can you make Henry Focus on Intelliwheat?

Unfortunately, there's no way to get Henry to continue brewing AND focus on intelliwheat. That would be nice though, right?



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