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Player obtaining a Power in a glowing ring.

Our Starfield Powers Guide will go over how to obtain useful powers during your time with Constellation, and the way you can improve them even further.

A Scanner Anomoly on the planet Bessel III-B.

How to Unlock Powers in Starfield

You can start collecting Powers partway through the Constellation questline, once you reach the quest “Into the Unknown”. This quest will take you to the planet Procyon III, and in turn Temple Eta.

Once inside the temple, simple fly into the spinning clusters of light as they appear. The last one will disappear rather quickly, so make use of your boost pack (unlocked via the Tech part of the Skill Tree) to reach them.

With your first power — Anti-Gravity Field — unlocked, you'll now also gain a Power meter shown in blue below the Health bar. This is capped at 60 Power which does not increase with Level, and the are no Skills that can be used to improve your Powers either.

Completing Into the Unknown unlocks the Misc. Quest “Power From Beyond”. By talking to Vladimir, you'll be able to find the location of new temples to gain powers in. He'll find more as you find more Artefacts during the story.

It's also possible to find temples by simply visiting a system that contains one (you'll know this has happened when a Power From Beyond (Planet Name) quest pops up in your quest list.

It's worth noting that, aside from the initial Temple Eta, every other temple in Starfield is in a randomized location. This means that we can't share the locations of them in this guide, though you'll find them easily enough as long as you keep following Power From Beyond.

The Anti-Gravity Field II Power.

How to Improve Starfield Powers

Powers can only be improved by heading into New Game Plus. This will spawn a brand new set of temples, letting you acquire Powers for a second time. For every duplicate you obtain, the Power will increase in rank.

Rank increases will make a certain aspect of them better, such as reducing the Power cost or making them last longer.

The only other way to improve your Power usage is via Quantum Essence. This lets you regen Power at an increased rate for 1 minute. Quantum Essence is earned by killing a specific type of enemy that you will start to encounter during the Constellation questline.

The main character surrounded by a green energy blast.

All Starfield Powers

Note: More powers will be added as we find them

  • Anti-Gravity Field - Cause enemies to float in the air
  • Alien Reanimation - Resurrect a dead alien to fight for you
  • Creators' Peace - Make enemies temporarily drop their weapons
  • Moon Form - Become rooted in place while taking reduced damage (can still attack)
  • Parallel Self - Create a temporary clone to fight for you
  • Eternal Harvest - Respawn nearby organic resources
  • Gravity Wave - Knocks back enemies using a shockwave
  • Supernova - Releases a large explosion around you, damaging nearby enemies
  • Void Form - Become near-invisible
  • Particle Beam - Fire a quick beam of energy
  • Personal Atmosphere - Gain unlimited Oxygen temporarily
  • Phased Time - Slows down time
  • Precognition - See what the next line of dialogue will be before selecting a choice
  • Reactive Shield - Weakens and deflects projectiles
  • Sense Star Stuff - Highlights living people and creatures, even through walls
  • Solar Flare - Launch a projectile that does damage over time on impact

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