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Curious about what achievements are in Starfield, and how to accomplish them all? You're in luck, because in this guide we'll list all of the Starfield Achievements, and how to get each one.

Starfield is a MASSIVE game, and getting to Level 100 is going to take you more than 100 hours alone, not to mention everything else on this list.

  • Missable Achievements? No
  • Single Playthrough Possible? Yes
  • Time to complete all achievements - 75-100+ hours depending on your play style.
  • Starfield Cheats? Yes, but they disable some achievements.

Completing just the main quest won't be enough - you'll need to (in typical Bethesda game fashion) climb the ranks of all the different factions, and complete side missions across the galaxy reach max level!

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Buckle up for this ride!

Starfield Achievement List & Unlock Requirements

There are XX Starfield Achievements to unlock, varying in difficulty, but based on my playtime - you're gunna be spending SO MUCH time in space.

For All, Into the Starfield | Enter Space for the First Time

Unmissable, so long as you leave the first planet.

One Small Step | Join Constellation

Unmissable, you'll get this by starting the main quest in New Atlantis' The Lodge.

All That Money Can Buy | Complete “All That Money Can Buy”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

High Price to Pay | Complete “High Price to Pay”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

In Their Footsteps | Complete “In Their Footsteps”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

Into the Unknown | Complete “Into the Unknown”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

Further Into the Unknown | Complete “Further Into the Unknown”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

Unearthed | Complete “Unearthed”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

Entangled | Complete “Entangled”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission

One Giant Leap | Complete “One Giant Leap”

Unmissable - Main Story Mission. Unlocks New Game Plus.


Image of the Ranger Badge in Starfield

Deputized | Join the Freestar Rangers

To get this achievement, head to Akila City (Cheyenne System, Akila) and you'll need to bring an end to a bank heist (which can be done peacefully, with 2+ Persuasion) - after which the Marshal will ask you to join the Freestar Rangers. Accept, and this achievement will get unlocked.

Surgical Strike | Complete “Surgical Strike”

This is part of the Freestar Rangers Questline - To get this achievement, join the Freestar Rangers, and make your way through a few of the first missions.

The Hammer Falls | Complete “The Hammer Falls”

This is part of the Freestar Rangers Questline - This is the final quest in the Freestar Rangers questline, and completing it will net you this achievement and the SWEET Star Eagle Ship for free.


Rook Meets King | Join the Crimson Fleet

The easiest way to unlock this, is to fly to New Atlantis with Contraband in your Ship. You'll get boarded, arrested, and tasked with infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Continue through the mission given to you, and you'll unlock this achievement.

The Best There Is | Complete “The Best There Is”

This is acquired as part of the Crimson Fleet series of missions. Its about halfway through the full line of missions.

Legacy’s End | Complete “Legacy’s End”

This is awarded for completing the final Crimson Fleet mission


Xeno Fighting Suit Closeup in Starfield

Supra et Ultra | Join the UC Vanguard

This is the start of the UC Vanguard Questline - On New Atlantis, you'll cross paths with Commander John Tuala, who will offer you a chance to join early in the main mission. You can take him up on this offer by completing a piloting test, and then going on a probationary mission. Once completed, this achievement will unlock - along with new ship mods at the Stardock

The Devils You Know | Complete “The Devils You Know”

This is part of the UC Vanguard Questline - after getting your citizenship (and the ability to buy a house in New Atlantis) - you'll get this mission from the Deputy of Interstellar Affairs. Complete it to unlock this achievement.

A Legacy Forged | Complete “A Legacy Forged”

This is part of the UC Vanguard Questline - this achievement is unlocked when you complete the final mission in the questline. This grants you a higher level of citizenship, and a sweet penthouse in New Atlantis.


Back to the Grind | Join Ryujin Industries

On New Atlantis, you'll get an activity to apply for a job at Ryujin Industries. It doesn't really matter what you apply with, you'll still be able to get an interview. Complete the first task, and this will unlock for you.

Guilty Parties | Complete “Guilty Parties”

This is part of the Ryujin Industries Questline. You'll hunt for a mole, and once you've completed your task - this will unlock.

Executive Level | Complete “Executive Level”

This is awarded for completing the Ryujin Industies Questline.


Dust Off | Reach Level 5

Level up to Level 5.

Traveler | Reach Level 10

Level up to Level 10.

Elite | Reach Level 25

Level up to Level 25.

Space Opera | Reach Level 50

Level up to Level 50.

Reach for the Stars | Reach Level 100

Level up to Level 100. This will require a lot of playtime - completing every sidemission you can, as well as the main quest and some time in New Game+.

Fixer | Complete 30 Activities

To get the Fixer Achievement, just complete 30 activities. You'll typically get 5-6 just by wandering each major city.

Privateer | Complete 30 Terminal or Misc. Missions

To get the Privateer Achievement, you just need to complete sidequests that you can find at terminals (Rangers, Cargo, Bounty, etc) or around the galaxy.


Image of a Ship on a Planet Taking Off With the Adoring Fan Companion saying up up and away

Chief Engineer | Modify a Ship

At any spaceport, head over to the Ship Technician and ask to view and change your ships. From here, hit Upgrade and upgrade (or add) something on your ship. The achievement will unlock from there.

Fleet Commander | Collect 10 Ships

Get your hands on 10 different ships in Starfield, whether purchased, acquired...or stolen.

I Use Them For Smuggling | Successfully Smuggle Contraband

If you're looking to smuggle contraband in Starfield - you'll need a ship with a shielded hold, and then...a bit of luck. Past that you can sell that to the Trade Authority without much trouble.

Home Sweet Home | Build an Outpost

Head to any planet and setup an outpost. To do this, you'll need to land on the surface, pull up the scanner, hit the Outpost button, and place the beacon. Note that you can't build outposts on some planets without the Planetary Habitation Perk.

Shipping Magnate | Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links

This achievement is completed by build 5 Outposts on different planets and building Cargo Links at each, and connecting them.

Industrialist | Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts

This achievement is completed by setting up an Outpost and having collectors collect materials.


A planet that is 100 percent surveyed in Starfield

Stellar Cartography | Visit 20 Star Systems

Boots on the Ground | Land on 100 Planets

The Stars My Destination | Visit all Star Systems

Visit every dot on the map. This is trickier, as you're going to need a ship with a long-range jumplight drive if you want to hit them all!

Life Begate Life | Gather 500 Organic Resources

Gather 500 organic resources, which you'll take from plants (flora), and creatures (fauna) on planets.

Rock Collection | Gather 500 Inorganic Resources

Gather 500 resources, such as Iron, Argon, or any other element.

War of Angels | Collect 20 Quantum Essence

You'll collect this through something unlocked (spoilers) during the main mission. Collect 20 of this essence, and this will unlock.

Another Bug Hunt | Eliminate 300 Creatures

To get the Another Bug Hunt Achievement, just take out non-human Enemies. You'll get this naturally through gameplay.

Dark Matter | Eliminate 300 Human Enemies

To get Dark Matter, just take out Spacers, Va'Ruun Mercs, and Crimson Fleet Enemies. You'll get this naturally through gameplay.

Replicator | Craft 100 Items

Using one of the different stations you can find at The Lodge, in your Ship, Outposts, and Houses - just create 100 different items.

Soldier of Fortune | Mod 50 Weapons

Using the Weapon Modification table, mod your weapons 50 times to enhance their damage, accuracy, scope, and more.


Image of an issue of peak performance in your inventory in starfield

Thirst for Knowledge | Read 20 Skill Magazines

There are Skill Magazines littered across the worlds and locations of Starfield - you just need to find 20 of them. Thankfully we've got a list of Starfield Skill Magazines you can use to help find many of them!

Cyber Jockey | Bypass 50 Digital Locks

To get Cyber Jockey, you'll need to unlock 50 computers, crates, or doors via the lockpicking minigame that uses digipicks.

Jacked In | Access 50 Computers

Simply put, interact with 50 different computers.

The Family You Choose | Recruit 10 Separate Companions

Recruiting companions in Starfield is as simple as finding them, and hiring them. You can find companions in different places, and while your ship can only hold a certain number of crew - you can also station companions at your Outposts. We've also got a list of Starfield Companions and where to find them!

Starcrossed | Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

To complete this achievement, you'll need to spend a significant amount of time with a single companion, and complete their main companion quest. This won't guarantee you'll unlock this, but there are two additional ways to boost it further. Continue exploring with this companion, or in my case, marry them. There is no screen that tells you how far along, but Ally is one step under max level.



If you've completed every item on this list, congratulations on getting 100% of the Starfield Achievements (Let's be honest, it's not 100% of the game though!) If you're still making your way through Starfield, bookmark this list and check out more of our guides below:

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