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Image of the Starfield Companion Named Adoring Fan...Adoring You

For years, Bethesda games have had companions as a staple, but Starfield mixes that up by giving you travelling companions as well as ship crew! Our Starfield Companions guide will tell you who, what, and where you can recruit them!

Companions serve in a few capacities:

  • Travel with you and assist with both combat and conversations
  • Live and work on your ship as crew, offering bonuses to things like shielding, repairs, weaponry and more.
  • Live and work in your Outposts to offer more bonuses to things you're doing within them.

There's a handful of companions you'll be able to get through the main story via Constellation, but there's a whole galaxy of others you can recruit in the various bars and nightclubs that litter the galaxy. Read on for who you can join up with!

Story-based Companions

The following companions will be unlocked available as part of the main questline. They'll become available as you progress!

Image of Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Sarah Morgan

You'll meet Sarah Morgan your first time in New Atlantis when you go to The Lodge. She's strong in a few key areas, and a great travelling companion who is pretty snarky to many of the NPCs you'll encounter! Her perks:

  • Astrodynamics 4
  • Lasers 3
  • Leadership 2
  • Botany 1
Image of Vasco in The Lodge in Starfield


Vasco is a robot companion strong in the more technical skills, who you'll obtain as a companion in the early missions of Constellation, with the following perks:

  • Aneutronic Fusion 1
  • Shield Systems 2
  • EM Weapon Systems 1
Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe

Sam Coe is one of THE Coe's who were early explorers from Earth and founded Akila City. He has a troubled backstory, but is a great character with a cheery daughter who joins him on your ship if he's your travelling companion. His perks:

  • Piloting 4
  • Rifle Certification 3
  • Payloads 2
  • Geology 1
Image of Supervisor Lin talking in Starfield

Supervisor Lin

Supervisor Lin is one of the first people you talk to in Starfield, and you'll run into her again looking for Barrett later on in the story. She'll let you know she's tired of mining, which gives you the chance to recruit her, and she has a strong set of perks if you're building outposts:

  • Demolitions 1
  • Outpost Management 3

Can be recruited after completing a main mission. Free to recruit.


Shortly after you get the opportunity to recruit Lin, you can recruit Heller. Free to recruit, he has similar perks to Lin, and is great for Outposts too:

  • Geology 1
  • Outpost Engineering 3
Barrett in Starfield


Remember the crazy guy at the start of the game? You can recruit him and he has some SWEET perks:

  • Starship Engineering 4
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3
  • Robotics 2
  • Gastronomy 1
Image of Andreja in the Lodge


You'll meet Andreja after visiting The Eye, while searching for more Artifacts to take back to the lodge. She's a strong fighter with an emphasis on stealth.

  • Stealth 4
  • Particle Beams 3
  • Energy Weapon Systems 2
  • Theft 1

Starfield Companions Tied to Perks

This one is fun.

Starfields Adoring Fan

Adoring Fan

Remember the guy outside the Arena in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? Well, he's back however many years later to annoy you endlessly, but also offer you as many compliments as you could possibly need for your ego. His perks aren't too shabby for a pest:

To get him, you'll need the Hero Worshipped Trait.

  • Scavenging 1
  • Concealment 1
  • Weight Lifting 2

Named Starfield Companions for Hire

Here's all of the companions you can pay (once) to join your crew and bring some bonuses to your ship and outpost:

Image of Gideon Aker in Starfield

Gideon Aker

Location: New Atlantis, Viewport

  • Ballistic Weapon Systems 2
  • Missile Weapon Systems 2

Marika Boros

Location: New Atlantis, Viewport

  • Shotgun Certification 1
  • Ballistics 2
  • Particle beam Weapon Systems 1

Simeon Bankowski

Location: New Atlantis, Viewport

  • Sharpshooting 1
  • Sniper Certification 2
  • Marksmanship 1



    Image of Rosie Tannehill in Starfield Akila City

    Rosie Tannehill

    Location: Akila City, Near The Hitching Post

    • Medicine 1
    • Wellness 3

    Omari Hassan

    Location: Akila City, The Hitching Post

    • Shield Systems 3
    • Starship Engineering 1

    Lyle Brewer

    Location: Akila City, Aggie’s Bar on the edge of town

    • Particle Beams 1
    • Xenosociology 1
    • Shotgun Certification 2


    Location: Akila City, Aggie’s Bar on the edge of town

    • Scavenging 1
    • Energy Weapon Dissipation 2
    • Shield Systems 1

    Moara Otero

    Location: Cydonia, Broken Spear Bar

    • EM Weapon Systems 2
    • Marksmanship 2
    Image of Andromeda Kepler in Starfield

    Andromeda Kepler

    Location: Cydonia, Broken Spear Bar

    • Outpost Engineering 2
    • Piloting 1
    • Aneutronic Fusion 1

    Sophia Grace

    Location: Neon, Madame Sauvage's Bar

    • Stealth 3
    • Lasers 1

    Mickey Caviar

    Location: Neon, Astral Lounge

    • Gastronomy 1
    • Wellness 2
    • Incapacitation 1

    Dani Garcia

    Location: Neon, Euphorika

    • Chemistry 1
    • Robotics 2
    • Energy Weapon Systems 1

    Jessamine Griffin

    Location: The Key, The Last Nova

    • Theft 1
    • Ballistic Weapon Systems 2
    • Concealment 1
    Image of the companion Betty Howser in Starfield

    Betty Howser

    Location: Aboard the Lucky Lu, which you'll come across if you go to a Distress Call icon, and board the ship. I found her in the XXX System.

    If you give her a repair kit, you can later find her at Jake's in The Well of New Atlantis. She also has a powerful weapon in the Captain's Locker.

    • Demolitions 3
    • Missile Weapon Systems 1

      How to Manage Your Crew

      One thing that isn't readily easy to figure out, is how to manage who is on your ship, or on an outpost! This is actually pretty easy after the first time, but it tripped me up so I wanted to call it out!

      Open the menu, and select the bottom left menu for Ship. From there, you can press C on Keyboard, or Y on controller, to view your crew screen.


      From there, you'll see the screen above, which will let you assign/unassign your crew to your ship and outposts. Once changed, the next time you land at a port, the "shift change" will happen!


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