How to Access Your Ship Inventory in Starfield

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How to Access Your Ship Inventory in Starfield - Cover Image Frontier Ship Landing on a Barren Planet

Are you wondering how to access your Ship Inventory in Starfield? Read our guide to learn how you can get into your Ship's Cargo Hold to store your loot.

Traveling around the galaxy and completing Faction missions is a big part of Starfield, and you're sure to build up a lot of loot along the way. Every Ship has some built-in storage called a Cargo Bay -- read on to learn how to access this handy feature!

How to Access Your Ship Inventory in Starfield - Cargo Hold Panel in Ship's Interior
Ships have a panel in the interior where you can access the Cargo Hold like any other container.

How to Access Your Ship Inventory in Starfield

There are two ways to access your Ship Inventory (a.k.a. the Cargo Hold) in Starfield.

  1. Open up your Inventory while aboard your Ship from the Data Menu and press Q to access your Cargo Hold.
  2. Interact with the Cargo Hold panel inside of your Ship.

Whichever method you use, you should keep in mind that every Ship has a Mass limit for its Cargo Hold; there's only so much stuff you can store inside. It's highly recommended that you regularly land at a City to store any loot that you want to keep and sell off the rest.

Ships may also have additional, separate storage located within the cabin. The Frontier (your first Ship), for example, has a small Captain's Locker located behind the cockpit and to the right.

How to Access Your Ship Inventory in Starfield - Accessing the Cargo Hold Via the Inventory While Aboard a Ship
The Cargo Hold can also be accessed by going into your Inventory while aboard the Ship and pressing Q.

If you're new to the game, you should keep in mind that your room at the Constellation Lodge has a storage safe with infinite capacity. This is a good place to store lots of extra stuff when you don't yet have the money to purchase a House of your own.

You should always try to leave as much room as possible in your Ship's Cargo Bay when you're setting out on a new mission. This way, you'll have space to store all of the loot and Resources that you'll get from your exploration efforts!

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