Paizo Announces Playtest for New Starfinder Class

Paizo Games is releasing playtest material for the Evolutionist Class for their space fantasy RPG Starfinder

Published: August 10, 2021 2:35 PM /


A crew of adventurers in Starfinder

Paizo Publishing have continued their ongoing support for their fantasy RPG Starfinder.

Simply put, this RPG is set in the far future of the company's own original fantasy setting, Pathfinder. So far in the future that swords and magic, while still active, are alongside laser guns, spaceships, and entire planets of colonized worlds. When it comes to popular tabletop RPGs, Starfinder is known for being a heady mix of imaginative and bizarre in equal measure.

And it's about to get weirder. In an official post on Paizo's website, they have revealed rules for a brand new class for the game called the Evolutionist. According to the post itself, the main idea of the class is you have the ability to slowly transform yourself overtime. You can slowly change into an extraplanar entity, embrace the powers of undeath, become some horrific chimera, or even lean into your inner transhumanist by slowly replacing your flesh with machinery.

A bunch of Skittermanders running across a grassy field
Must resist urge to combine human with skittermander...

The Evolutionist is in a playable state on Paizo's website, and the company is encouraging you to check it out. Get a group together, make some characters, start a campaign of Starfinder, and try the Evolutionist for yourself. The rules for the class are completely free to download. Furthermore, Paizo encourages you to fill out a survey about your time playing the class, in order to help them tweak and refine the character for its official release in an upcoming Starfinder Supplement. Both the class rules and the survey will be available on the website until September 24 2021.

If for whatever reason you have yet to try out Starfinder for yourself, there is still some time to pick up a comprehensive collection of books on Humble Bundle. In addition to things you need to run the game like the core rulebook, Alien Archive and the Pact Worlds supplement, the book bundle includes tons of pre-written adventures, modules, terrain and maps to help make players of all experience levels get into this game.

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