Starfinder Miniatures Blast Onto The Tabletop with Iconic Heroes Sets

We take a look at the Starfinder Miniatures from Ninja Division for Paizo's Starfinder game

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Available now by Ninja Division are 4 packs of Starfinder Miniatures, featuring iconic heroes and ships from Paizo's Starfinder roleplaying game. Starfinder is the sci-fi version of Paizo's famous Pathfinder roleplaying game.

Using miniatures during roleplaying sessions has been growing in popularity, with many brands now having their own lines of figures, along with many starter sets now coming with tokens or discs to represent the characters on the tabletop.

4 packs are being released, each containing a brand new fully painted sculpt. We've received a preview of each pack, which we'll show in detail below. We're going to be deliberately light on background information, to avoid spoilers for any players playing through any of the Starfinder campaigns.

The Starfinder Miniatures are 28mm Heroic scale and have 25mm bases, designed to fit on the official Starfinder maps and grids, examples of which can be seen below. One of the maps available is for one of the ships featured in the Iconic Heroes Set #1.

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Iconic Heroes Set #1

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The Starfinder Miniatures Iconic Heroes Set #1 includes:

  • Navasi - Human Envoy
  • Iseph - Android Operative
  • Keskodai - Shirren Mystic
  • Sunrise Maiden ship

The Sunrise Maiden is a famous Vagabond class ship. Navasi, Iseph and Keskodai are featured throughout the Starfinder core rulebook pages.


Iconic Heroes Set #2

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The Starfinder Miniatures Iconic Heroes Set #2 includes:

  • Obozaya - Vesk Soldier
  • Altronus - Kasatha Solarian
  • Raia - Lashunta Technomancer
  • Quig - Ysoki Mechanic
  • Scout Hover Drone

Obozaya, Altronus, Raia, Quig and Quig's Scout Hover Drone make up the rest of the Iconic Starfinder Heroes and can be seen in images throughout the Starfinder core rulebook.

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Pact Worlds Fleet

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The Starfinder Miniatures Pact Worlds Fleet pack contains:

  • ATech Immortal
  • Kevolari Venture
  • Ringworks Wanderer

The Pact Worlds are a group of independent governments and authorities joined together for trade and protection and their ships reflect this with armour or maneuvererability and ships with high cargo carrying capacities. The Immortal is an imposing military capital ship, capable of some destructive firepower. The Venture is a medium explorer and the Wanderer is a small shuttle, with only 4 crew.


Corpse Fleet

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The Starfinder Miniatures Corpse Fleet pack contains:

  • Thaumtech Omenbringer
  • Blackwind Sepulcher
  • Death's Head Necroglider

The Corpse Fleet ships are a blending of technology and magic, designed for use of the undead crew. The Omenbringer is a Corpse Fleet Battleship, which contains a squadron of Necrogliders within its hull. The Sepulcher is a medium troop transport for the undead fleets.


All of the Starfinder Miniatures sculpts are solid, capturing the detail of the characters and ships. The painting, while not award winning, is definitely tabletop standard and great for getting to the table. The standard between them is varied, the detail on Altronus is great, but the single paint layer on Navasi's face does make her look a little lifeless. Hobbyists with some skill will be able to make the miniatures pop with little effort, but others should be careful not to damage the fine detail if adding any layers or inks themselves.

All the iconic heroes are painted in the colours as depicted in the Starfinder artwork, which is great to see and we hope this product line continues to be produced to add variety of classes and races for players to use.


Have you played Starfinder? What do you think of the Starfinder Miniatures? Which miniature is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

These Starfinder Miniatures were provided by Ninja Division.

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