How to Remove Miasma in Fae Farm

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How to Remove Miasma in Fae Farm - Cover Image Standing Next to an Unactivated Wayshrine with Miasma Nearby

Read our guide and learn how to remove Miasma in Fae Farm, opening up access to more areas of the Fae Realm -- and some new buildings for your Farm.

Corrupted Magic has messed up the world of Fae Farm and you'll spend a fair bit of time Mining in the Dungeons and fighting monsters with Magic to fix it. One of those magical ills is a sickly green Miasma -- keep reading our guide to learn how to remove it for good!

How to Remove Miasma in Fae Farm - Getting some Help from Boletal

How to Remove Miasma in Fae Farm

You can remove Miasma in Fae Farm by completing the second Dungeon and feeding Bolethal a special meal. When you do, Bolethal will remove the Miasma from the overworld.

Let's get one thing out of the way: no, you can't use the Vortex Spell to remove the Miasma. While the Vortex Spell was able to remove the Shade Clouds near your Homestead, the Miasma is something much more powerful. You're going to need some assistance from some magical allies to get rid of it.

To start, you'll need to get to the bottom of the Saltwater Mines, complete the "A Watery Wonder" Quest, and get to the bottom of the Floating Ruins. Once you're down there, you'll meet another Sprite who requests help with a meal. Feed Bolethal the goodies listed in that Quest and the Miasma on the surface will disappear.

In addition to clearing out the Miasma, Bolethal will also teach you a handy new Magic Spell: Faerie Fire. This spell can activate the bridge to Fae Acres and it's pretty darn useful for fighting in Dungeons, too.

Unfortunately, Bolethal won't completely clear away all of the Miasma. While the Miasma on the surface will be removed forever, it will remain a permanent threat in the Floating Ruins. You'll still need to make a Fairbreath Potion if you want to continue exploring that Dungeon.

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