How to Remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm

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How to Remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm - Cover Image Standing Next to Shade Clouds in the Forest

In this guide, we'll tell you how to remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm by using powerful magical abilities -- and a little help from some unexpected friends.

Fae Farm isn't just a Farming RPG -- it's also a game about magic. Unfortunately, some of that magic isn't exactly good for the island you're now calling home and you'll be blocked from getting into some areas by Shade Clouds. Keep reading to learn how to remove them!

How to Remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm - Using the Vortex Spell to Dispel Shade Clouds
A little bit of magic can make quick work of the Shade Clouds polluting the land.

How to Remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm

You can remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm by using the Vortex Spell. Before you can do that, though, you're going to need to unlock the spell.

First, you'll need to complete all of the Story Quests in the early game as outlined in our Starter Guide. Once you've done that, keep progressing with the Story until you get a letter from Alaric. He'll help you get your first Staff.

Once you have your Staff, you'll need to open up access to the first Dungeon and get all the way to the bottom. You'll then meet a magical creature and get the Quest "A Watery Wonder." Completing this Quest will unlock the Vortex Spell.

Once you have the Vortex Spell, all you need to do is equip your Staff and use the Vortex Spell by pressing F. Any Shade Clouds near you will vanish in a gust of wind and you'll never have to deal with them again.

You might not have enough Mana in the early parts of the game to get rid of all of them, but you should be able to clear up all of these dark clouds in two or three days at most. The removal of these Clouds will open up some new areas on the Farm -- and you'll soon get the ability to take care of some new Animals, too!

That's the end of our guide on how to remove Shade Clouds in Fae Farm. If you've found it helpful, why not check out our other guides below?


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