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Fae Farm Starter Guide - Cover Image Standing on a Messy Farm Next to a Chicken Coop with the Fae Farm Logo on the Left

Our Fae Farm Starter Guide will teach you the basics of this magical Farming RPG and give you a walkthrough for the first few Quests!

Fae Farm is a magical Farming RPG that plops you down on the mysterious island of Azoria. There are Crops to grow, Dungeons to explore, and more -- read on to learn about the basics of this game!

Fae Farm HUD Explanation

Fae Farm Starter Guide - HUD Explanation Standing on the Homestead Farm During Winter

  1. Stats - Your core stats. From top to bottom, they are:
    • Health - Your life bar. If this drops to 0, you die and respawn at your House. Can be restored with Potions or resting at your House.
    • Stamina - Your energy level. You need Stamina to perform most actions such as Logging or Fishing. Can be restored with Potions, Food, or resting at your House.
    • Mana - Your Mana level. You need Mana to cast Magic spells and to use the special abilities of your Tools. Can be restored with Potions or resting at your House.
  2. Buffs / Debuffs - Any current Buffs or Debuffs are shown here.
  3. Clock and Calendar - This shows the current Season, the Day, the Date, the Year, the Time, and the Weather.
  4. Florins (Money) - This shows how much Money you currently have.
  5. Menu Buttons - These buttons can be clicked to open your Inventory (I), the Map (M), or the Menu (Escape).
  6. Tools - This allows you to rotate between your Tools. You can choose between the context-sensitive primary Tools, the Critter Net, the Fishing Rod, and your Magic Staff.
  7. Context Popup - Hovering over certain items (such as Crops) will show you what that item is with a pop-up bubble as shown here. In the above image, I am hovering the cursor over Magic Beans.
  8. Construction Notification - If this pops up, you are in an area where you can place Furniture or Build other structures such as Farming Plots.

Fae Farm Starter Guide - Starter Guide Overview of the Town at the Start of the Game

Fae Farm Starter Guide

Now that we've explained the HUD, let's get moving with our Fae Farm Starter Guide! Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Fae Farm are pretty straightforward.

Heading Home

After meeting Mayor Merritt for the first time, you'll be told to go to your new home. Head directly north and you'll reach your Homestead. Open the Welcome Package.

Head back outside and you'll see Mayor Merritt waiting for you. Talk to her and redeem your first Quest.

Gearing Up

Talk to Mayor Merritt again and she'll give you your set of starter Tools. They are:

  • Axe - Used for chopping down Trees.
  • Pickax - Used for Mining Stone, Ore, and Gems.
  • Sickle - Used for Foraging certain Plants.
  • Shovel - Used to dig up Silt, Sand, and similar materials. Increases your Farming Skill.
  • Watering Can - Used to water your Crops and Flowers.

After you're given your Tools, Mayor Merritt gives you the following objectives:

  • Harvest Plant Fibers. (0/10)
  • Pick up Stone. (0/10)
  • Pick up Beech Log. (0/5)
  • Pick up Arugula. (0/5)

Use your Tools to complete these objectives. While you're doing this, head to the southeastern part of your Homestead and you'll see a Scroll.

Fae Farm Starter Guide - Investigate a Recipe Scroll on the Homestead

This is a Recipe that can be used to Craft a decorative item. There are around 100 of these scattered throughout the world, so always pick them up when you see them!

Once you've collected all of the required materials, return to Mayor Merritt and redeem the Quest.

Making a House Into a Home

Your next Quest requires you to Craft a Round Woven Stool within your House.

While there is plenty of decorative Furniture, some of the most important pieces increase your Cozy factor. A higher Cozy Factor increases your maximum stats and increases a passive regeneration effect that you have whenever you're at the Homestead.

Craft the Round Woven Stool, then redeem the Quest with Mayor Merritt.

What's Cookin'?

Mayor Merritt's next Quest is a crash course in Cooking. You'll have to Craft and place a Cooking Fire on your Homestead. When that's done, Cook one of the Arugula.

When your food is done, return to Mayor Merritt and redeem this Quest.

Farming 101

The next Quest is a basic lesson in Farming. Unlike some other Farming RPGs, you do not till the land; instead, you Craft Farming Plots and place them somewhere on your Homestead.

Go into your Storage Shed and take everything that's in there. Then, Craft 9 Basic Soil Bed and place them wherever you feel is most convenient. Finally, plant all 9 Turnip Seeds and water them with your Watering Can.

Redeem the Quest. Mayor Merritt will finally leave your Homestead and send you elsewhere to meet someone.

The Old Mariner

You're now tasked with meeting Eddy the Mariner. Open up your Map, click on Stay-A-While Bay, and then left-click on Eddy the Mariner. This will give you a waypoint to find him.

When you finally meet Eddy, he will give you your first Fishing Rod and task you with catching a Fish. Head down to the Beach and you'll see Fish in the water.

Equip the Fishing Rod by scrolling your mouse wheel. Then, hold left-click to cast the line. Lightly tap left-click to jiggle the bobber and attract a Fish.

When a Fish bites, you'll want to start reeling it in. Tap left-click when the Fish is trying to swim away; the line will glow red as it gets closer to breaking. When the Fish is resting, hold left-click to reel it in faster.

Once you've caught your first Fish, return to Eddy and turn his Quest in.

Catching Critters

Your next stop is Mel the Beekeeper. As before, open up your Map; you can find Mel in West Town. Left-click on Mel to set a waypoint to him.

On your way there, you may encounter a strange circular object that looks like this:

Fae Farm Starter Guide - An Unactivated Wayshrine

This is a Wayshrine that hasn't yet been activated. Once you do activate it, you'll be able to fast-travel around the Map. For now, though, continue moving toward Mel.

Mel will give you your first Critter Net and task you with catching 4 Critters. Look around the area for bugs, equip the Critter Net, and catch them. Then, return to Mel and redeem the Quest.

A Pearl of Wisdom

Now it's time to learn a bit about making Money. Find Pearl on your Map and head to her. She'll tell you how to use the stalls in the town square to sell goods.

Place 3 of the Critters you just caught onto the stalls. When you do, the endless day will finally end and you'll move into the game proper.

More to Explore

You have most of your basic Tools and you've learned how to do Farming, Fishing, and Critter Catching. In the coming days, you'll learn about Magic and gain access to your first Dungeon!

Things can be a little unclear at times, so remember this: if you don't know where to go, look for any potential quests on your Map. If none are available, then check again the next day.

There's a whole world to explore and a lot more to do in Fae Farm -- have fun, and make sure to check out all of our guides below!

Fae Farm Starter Guide - F.A.Q. Header Cinematic Meeting the Villagers

Fae Farm F.A.Q.

What is Fae Farm?

Fae Farm is a Farming RPG set on the magical island of Azoria where humans and fae live together in harmony.

Is Fae Farm Multiplayer?

Yes, Fae Farm has online Multiplayer.

Where is the Fae Farm Save File?

You can find the Fae Farm Save File in:


Where "USERNAME" is your Windows username.

Is Fae Farm Cross-Platform?

Yes, Fae Farm is Cross-Platform as reported by N4G.

When Does a Day End in Fae Farm?

A day ends at midnight in Fae Farm. The day will automatically end no matter what you are doing.

What Happens if You Don't Go to Sleep in Fae Farm?

There are no apparent penalties for letting the clock reach midnight, so don't worry about staying up late!

What Happens When You Die in Fae Farm?

If you die in Fae Farm, you will typically respawn at your Homestead or at another safe location. Your Health will be low, but you will otherwise be okay.

How do You Pause Fae Farm?

You can pause Fae Farm by opening up the menu with Escape. Keep in mind that Potion effects will still count down and monsters will still move around. We have not yet found a way to pause the game in Multiplayer.

Thanks for reading our Fae Farm Starter Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!


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