How to Break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm

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How to Break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm - Cover Image Looking at an Orange Rock in a Cliff

This guide will tell you how to break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm and open up some of the most interesting secret areas in the game.

Each completed Dungeon in Fae Farm opens up access to some kind of new area and the final Dungeon is no different. You've cleared away Thorns, Shade Clouds, Miasma, and more, and now you have one more obstacle to overcome: strange Orange Rocks embedded in the wall. Keep reading to learn how to break them!

How to Break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm - Demonstrating the Bash Spell on the Homestead

How to Break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm

You can break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm by completing all three Dungeons and continuing the remaining Story Quests. Along the way, you'll unlock the Bash Spell which lets you destroy the Orange Rocks.

By the time you're in the third Dungeon, you'll have encountered a few mysterious rocks with glowing orange lines in them. Nothing you do seems to break them. Like most other obstacles in this game, they're magical in nature -- and only magic will break them.

First and foremost, you're going to need to totally complete all three Dungeon and feed a meal to all four Sprites. When this is done, the fourth and final Sprite will teach you the Bash Spell. The Bash Spell is pretty handy in combat, but it also serves as a magical sledgehammer that can break through these annoying rocks.

That leaves just one question: what's actually behind the rocks? The westernmost Orange Rock leads to the Frozen Farm, yet another plot of land that you can shape into whatever you wish. The remaining caves blocked by Orange Rocks contain new cosmetic Furniture Recipes.

We're at the end of our guide on how to break the Orange Rocks in Fae Farm -- check out our other guides below!


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