How to Make Money in Fae Farm

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Our guide will tell you how to make Money in Fae Farm, whether you're looking to get Gold fast or you're in search of bigger profits.

Running a Farm takes money and Fae Farm is no different. Sure, you could spend your days Foraging and Fishing like some kind of wood elf, but why not embrace a bit of capitalism and buy yourself a better House? Keep reading to learn about the fastest (and best) ways to make Money.

How to Make Money Fast in Fae Farm

If you want to make Money in Fae Farm quickly, your best option is to sell absolutely everything you don't need. Everything from Crops you grow to Forage can be sold for a decent profit and put some extra Gold Florins in your pocket.

Unfortunately, making Money fast isn't always the best way to go about things. Fae Farm rewards taking your time and carefully preparing -- it might be a better idea to use the power of Crafting to take your basic items and make them into something more valuable.

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If you're not a fan of Mining, you can always turn Crops, Forage, and Animal Products into salable goods with decent profit margins.

Best Way to Make Money in Fae Farm

In my experience, the best way to make Money in Fae Farm is by going Mining. You can then use the Stone Forge and the Gem Polisher to convert the Ore and Gems you get into better versions.

Let's use a Copper Ingot as an example. A single piece of Copper Ore sells for 12 Gold Florins and a single piece of Coal sells for 3 Gold Florins. A Copper Ingot takes 10 Copper Ore and 2 Coal to make.

As individual items, those would be worth 126 Gold Florins, but those few seconds in a Stone Furnace increase your profits to 130 Gold Florins. It's only a few Gold Florins extra, but all of that extra coin adds up over time!

I like to go to the most advanced level of a Dungeon I can reach, get all of the Ore and Gems I can, and then throw it into the Stone Furnace and Gem Polisher the next morning. I'll take the finished Ingots and Polished Gems from the previous day and sell them for a tidy profit.

Mind, this isn't the only way to make Money in Fae Farm -- you can also use the Artisan Table to turn Crops, Forage, and Animal Products into something much more valuable. Just keep in mind this one general rule: a Crafted product is almost always more valuable than its ingredients!

We're at the end of our guide on how to make Money in Fae Farm. If you found it helpful, why not check out our other guides below?

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