Fae Farm Crafting and Unlocks Guide

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Our Fae Farm Crafting and Unlocks Guide will tell you how Crafting works and what you need to do to unlock new Crafting Recipes!

You'll collect lots of Resources as you play Fae Farm. The island of Azoria has items to Forage, Trees to cut down, valuable Ores to Mine, and more. Naturally, you can convert those Resources into more useful stuff -- read on to learn how Crafting works!

How Fae Farm Crafting Works

As you might expect, Fae Farm Crafting works like it does in many other games; you'll need to gather the appropriate resources and take them to a specific Crafting Station to make something new.

In all cases, Crafting takes time to make something whether you're making metal Ingots or brewing up a Potion. Fortunately, you don't have to stay at the Crafting station -- you can simply start the process, do something else, and collect the finished goods later.

Each Crafting station has a limited number of slots. If you're Crafting a large number of items, it's a good idea to place multiple Crafting stations of the same type.

Fae Farm Crafting and Unlocks Guide - Artisan Table Making Artisan Goods
Crafting takes time, so it's best to start the process and do something else. Notice that the game is not paused when you're in a Crafting station.

How to Unlock More Crafting Recipes

There are four ways to unlock more Crafting Recipes:

  1. Find new Resources.
  2. Level up your Skills.
  3. Progress the Story and complete Quests.
  4. Find Recipe Scrolls

You'll unlock the vast majority of new Crafting recipes by discovering new Resources. Focus on progressing through the Story, exploring new areas, and conquering the Dungeons if you want to unlock as much as possible.

Additionally, Recipe Scrolls can be found throughout the world. These will only unlock Decorations, but they can be fun to collect nonetheless!

Fae Farm Crafting and Unlocks Guide - Crafting Stations on the Homestead Farm
By late game, you'll have unlocked quite a few Crafting stations. You'll have to place them outside since the interior of your House will likely be taken up by Furniture.

What Every Fae Farm Crafting Station Does

Here's what every Crafting Station in Fae Farm does.

Cooking Fire

Cooks basic Food.

Beverage Station

Makes Drinks that can counteract the debuffs from Rain or Heat.

Seal Crafting Station

Crafts Seals to unlock Wayshrines on the Map and or in Dungeons.

Stone Forge

Turns Resources you Mine (such as Copper and Iron) into Ingots.

Lumber Station

Turns Resources from Trees into Planks.

Food Prep Table

Turns Forage, Crops, and Animal Products into prepared products for advanced Cooking.

Cooking Hearth

Makes advanced Cooking Recipes, some of which can provide buffs.

Artisan Table

Turns Forage, Crops, and Animal Products into valuable Resources that can be sold.

Garden Bench

Makes Fertilizer and converts Crops into Seeds.


Converts Forage and Animal Products into useful Resources.

Decorating Table

Creates certain Decorative objects for your House including Flooring and Wallpapers.

Gem Polisher

Converts Gems acquired through Mining into more valuable polished versions.

Honey Hive

Converts caught Bees into Honey.

Propagation Hive

Converts caught Bees into Tree Saplings.

Lowlands Critter Conservatory

Converts caught Critters into useful Resources. Only applies to Critters caught in the starting area.

Fae Critter Conservatory

Converts caught Critters into useful Resources. Only applies to Critters caught within the Fae Lands.

Mountain Critter Conservatory

Converts caught Critters into useful Resources. Only applies to Critters caught in the Mountains.

Potion Ingredients Station

Converts Resources into ingredients for Potions.

Potion Brewing Cauldron

Brews Potions from ingredients.

Animal Lure

Attracts your Animals and keeps them from wandering around your Homestead. It doesn't always work as well as it should, unfortunately.

We're at the end of our Fae Farm Crafting and Unlocks Guide. Have a gander at our other guides below!


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